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Why is cattle need to wear an ear? It is equivalent to a body to give a medical examination, vaccination to the cattle. Be sure to pay attention to the earboot material when you choose the ear. If the ear is not good, it will cause a certain harm to the cattle. So what is the ear of a material? Please see the introduction of China ‘s China Agricultural Materials.
Zhongnong Based Ear Tag is made of New Zealand high-quality TPU material, high temperature is not negative, low temperature, laser typing, clear and transparent, penket is thick and reasonable, high visibility. In summer, the weather is not soft, when the temperature is cold in winter, the ear can still maintain a must-have, and it does not change hard and brittle. Rugged, quality of service life. The front end of the earrings is a metal nail, never be permeated by the ear clamp.
Tips: Be sure to pay attention to the earboot material when choosing the ear tag, so as not to cause damage to the cattle. More earlier issues, welcome to call us.

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