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(1) Nutrition Principles

When combined with diet, it is necessary to use the sheep’s feeding standards and combined with the growth of meat sheep and the production performance status under different production conditions. If the nutritional level in the diet is low, it is necessary to adjust to meet the nutrients required for the meat sheep and not waste.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the diversification of feeds, and use multiple feeds to give a reasonable use of multiple feeds to give full play to the nutritional complementarity of various feeds, balance the proportion between nutrients, and ensure the full price of diet. Sex, improve the utilization efficiency of nutrients in diet. The diet of the meat sheep should be used with green feed, dry feed, silage, fine material and various supplementary feeds. It is necessary to make a certain volume of the food, and the sheep has satuous, but also to ensure that the diet has a suitable nutrient concentration, making the sheep to eat daily feed to meet the desired nutrition. The rough matching of various feeds is: the dry matter in total diet, and the frogged feed accounts for 50% to 60%, and the fine material accounts for 40% to 50%. In the fine material, the seeds of seeds accounted for 30% to 50%, and protein feed accumulates 15% to 20%, and mineral feed occupies 2% to 3%.

(2) Economic Principles

Goat is a ruminant, which can use a large amount of green gripping, especially the crop straw treatment can be fed. Goats are not high in the quality requirements of proteins in diet. Therefore, when combined with the diet, it should be based on the blue coarse feed, and then supplement other feeds, etc., try to make a wide range of places, rich nutrients, low price, low price, low price, to reduce production costs.

(3) Ports in the principle

The right to feed is directly related to the feed of the meat sheep. The problem of oral food is good, can increase the appetite of the meat sheep, improve the feeding capacity; the opposite . Therefore, adding a flavoring agent for some kinds of flexible feed, and the adverseity can be improved.

(4) Security Principles

With the rise of pollution-free food and green food industry, consumers have become more and more high, I hope to buy safe meat. food. Therefore, when combined with diet, it is necessary to ensure the safety and reliable feed. The selected raw materials include additives, good quality, guaranteedToxic, harmless, not mold, pollution. Try not to add antibiotic drug-based additives in diet. Bengli and raising households must establish “safe meat” awareness, some veterinary drugs and additives for the relevant departments of the State, do not use

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