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Jin Jiu Silver 10, autumn is the season of harvest, Chunhua Qiushi, fruitful, and the joy of harvest. At this time, it is also a critical period of the fish, it should not be light, but often due to the difference in fish body, the scales, hemorrhage, no low oxygen, transportation death, and bring a heavy economic loss to the farmers. This article explains in detail on the problems that occur when fish, and proposes corresponding solutions.

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Durable grass fish four sins: 1. Debusted fish body mucus secreted by body surface mucus cells, its ingredient contains viscous polysaccharide, glycoprotein, immunoglobulin and various hydrolyzable enzymes, etc. The first barrier. The mucus has functions that reduce friction, regulation osmotic pressure, preventive pathogenic infringement, immunoemption. Mucosal cells have protective effects in a certain limitation of physical (pull net), chemical (water environment), and biological stimuli. When the fish is irritated (such as pull the net), the body surface will produce a large number of free radicals, plus liver disease, function abnormalities, resulting in superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione reductase and other peroxidation Insufficient enzyme secretion, the free radicals of the body surface cannot be removed in time, and the excessive free radicals will lose bioactivity in mucus, exhibiting insufficient mucus secretion and delaying.

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2018-10-8 15:12 Upload 2. The squama has a similar function similar to that of the mucus, which is closely related to the trace elements such as Cu, Zn. And the liver is an important organ that absorb these trace elements. Once the lesion, the trace element absorption is reduced, which reduces the collagen of the fish scale, causing the scales, and it is prone to scales, and severe words will affect the transportation survival rate. Sell!


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2018-10-8 15:12 Upload 3. Bleeding When the water quality is deteriorated, when the net should have, the fish will produce a large number of free radicals, which are distributed in the fish body surface to increase the capillary permeability. If there is a bad liver, it will lack blood fibrinozyme and thrombin in the blood. The two enzymes have hemostasis, and once the fish capillaries are broken, they will be difficult to solidify. Once there is a strong stimulus, the blood flow is accelerated, the blood pressure is increased, resulting in the permeation of the capillary, and the fins, abdomen or even whole body bleeding. 4.JPG

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4. The following two factors are affected by the two factors of transporting fish, and the silk is affected by free radical erosion, incomplete; or the silk has more silt, resulting in absorption of water or oxygen barriers. 2, there is insufficient blood supply in the body; about 20 ~ 25% of the blood from the fish comes from the liver, so the liver is the largest hematopoietic hematopoies in the fish, and the blood supply organs, and liver disease can lead to insufficient blood supply, no low oxygen. During high-density, during long-distance transportation, the body has no sufficient solubility supply, leading to death. For the above situation, it is necessary to take corresponding measures: 1, live bacteria water-water, oxygen. In the late stage, the pond water has accumulated a large amount of fish excretion, the bait, exceeding the water’s self-net ability, leading to the aquatic ammonia nitrogen, and the nitrite is severely high, and there is too much to decompose the EM bacteria (Photosynthetic bacteria, nitrification bacteria). Organic matter, reduce the burden of the water body; excessive water organic matter, it will cause higher chemical oxygen demand, so it must be opened at sunny, and the aerated toxic nitrite is converted into non-toxic nitrate. This creates a good, comfortable environment to the fish. 2, you must die for 24 hours before the fish, and splaish the salt, and the effect of regulating the penetration of the fish; the role of tightens; Through the above measures, the stress in the pull network will drop to the lowest! 3, keep the liver gallbladder, remove free radicals. It can be seen from the above analysis that fish occurs, remove scales, bleeding, and transport of these conditions, allocate with the liver function abnormality and the body’s free radicals. Therefore, add 300g / ton bile acid and liver gallbladder in the feed, 400g / ton EucommiaThe removal of excessive free radicals can enhance the liver function of the fish, but also reduce the damage caused by excessive free radicals, reduce the stress response of the fish, avoid unnecessary damage when fish, so that the fish is a good The state, going smoothly, and improves transportation survival. In summary, by tall water, the oxygen feed fish creates a good external environment; at the same time, add bile acids, and Du Zhongyu extract creates a healthy internal environment to the fish, and combined inside and outside to raise fish, go fish! The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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