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Vinegar, ventilation, swelling, swelling, sores, detoxification, is veterinary drugs that are easy to get, and efficient. Now introduction of seven methods of vinegar cow disease:

I. Treat honeycomb disease, breast bristle, yellow swollen swelling
can be 100 grams of grunge, row, 50 grams of mountains, after the final Add 500 grams of haloze (dotted) 500 grams, ovite 250 grams, buckwheat powder or wheat powder, a lake shape, apply it to a swollen, and then use vinegar to soak it with vinegar. Apply 2-3 times a day. It can also be boiled with vinegar to feed 20-30 grams, and then extends the yellow mud to the paste, the thinner is applied to the affected portion, but should be used. Or use Chen Zhimei, the right amount of vinegar is made into a paste, and the thinning is suitable to apply in the affected portion. It can also be used to make a paste with esters and wheat powder, which is applied to the affected area. The above method is applied to the affected area, and the vinegar is applied after the dryness is applied to enhance the efficacy.
Second, tumor stomach
used fried radish seeds (depressed) moderate into fine, vinegar 500 ml, mix thoroughly. Or 500 ml of vinegar, 250 ml of vegetable oil, 60 grams of alum oil (Top), mixed. Or 500 ml with vinegar, 10 grams of gust, 60 grams of licorice powder, mixed after mixing. Or 500 ml of vinegar, add children’s or alcohol, mix the sink.
Third, Tumor Gastric Food
With a vinegar 1000 ml, add an appropriate amount of cold water to dilute, a sink, 1 time a day, and use 3 times.

Fourth, the prevention of the stomach is slow
200 grams of Divine, the water is punched, then adding vinegar to 500 ml, mixing the branch, once a day, and use 2-3 days.
Fifth, governance bracoplane
with vinegar 500 ml, honey 300 ml, the amount of cold and boiling water, mixed. Or 500 ml of vinegar and 50 grams of 批 leaf (brush hair), add water to the water, juice, 1 time a day, and use 5-8 days.
Sixth, the urea poisoning
With the old vinegar 1500-2000 ml, 500 grams of sugar were mixed after mixing. Light can recover once, severely irrigation for 1-2 times in 30 minutes, then the internal plant oil is 500-1000 ml.
Seven, the treatment of the yin or uterine
First, the vaginal or uterus is cleaned, peeled off and removed by warm disinfectant water or alum water.Adhesive mucosa, shamps and other dirt. When the extraction time is too long, the vaginal or uterus is swollen, and it is easy to complete, and it is acupuncture, warm, and gently soften. Then, in the vaginal or uterus, the pink vinegar is frequently collected onto the tiles that burn red, so that the steam is steamed, and the tile is cold and then changed to the vinegar to pick up. Or the uterus is gradually temperature, soft and shrink, so that the surgery is successfully carried out.

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