Green feed additive promotes fat digestion absorption to protect liver gallbladrge

Severe thought, your friend is leveling, your enemy is in a knife, your girlfriend is losing weight, the old king is practicing the waist, your opponent is using Longchang bile! Others are progressing, you have to continue to wait and see?

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File: /// C: \ Users \ admini ~ 1 \ appdata \ local \ TEMP \ KSOHTML \ WPS197A.TMP.PNG We have heard the story of “Tortoise Rage Racing” from Xiaoba, at the time It is thought that the rabbit is a fool. There will be such a person in reality, because giving it to the turtle, but gradually discovered that “Tortoise Rage Racing” is an absolutely true story, in this competition in society, many people are “Sleep Dream” lost competitiveness. File: /// C: \ Users \ Admini ~ 1 \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ KSOHTML \ WPS197B.TMP.PNG

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“Counter”, today’s market, whether it is a business, or a producer, or a media, Who is your opponent? What are your opponents? Your opponent is using Longchang bile acid, and you are still watching, the opponent has already seized the market, and you lost this in “Watching”. It should be your own competitiveness.

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2018-3-15 09:11 Upload file: /// c: \ users \ admini ~ 1 \ appdata \ local \ TEMP \ KSOHTML \ WPS198E.TMP.PNG With the introduction of the food safety law, the cleanup of animal diagnosis and treatment institutionsThe gradual implementation of the new rules of prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs, and today, the farming mode has changed, the business model has changed, and the entire animal husbandry industry has changed. Nowadays, the Ministry of Agriculture will pay close attention to the use of veterinary drugs, antibiotics, high-zinc, adhere to the combination of “production management”, specimens and symptoms. In the face of the challenges of transformation and sustainable development, dealers, have you found the products suitable for you to seize the market?

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file: /// C: \ users \ admin \ \/ appdata \ local \ TEMP \ KSOHTML \ WPS198F.TMP.PNG Longchang bile acid is a natural raw material, the authority of obtaining national patents Technical extracted a naturally biologically active fat absorption promoter is a green non-toxic and non-residue feed additive. It makes up for insufficient secretion of livestock, thereby releasing potential energy in the feed, has promoting fat digestion absorption, protecting hepatobiliary health, improving feed efficiency, reducing feed cost, improving livestock production performance, decomposing, removing endotoxin, improving immunity Force and other effects. Bile Acid as a fat digestive absorption promoter, in line with the need for animal itself, bile acid can play a role in three stages of fat, digestion, absorption, can be well controlled by three stages in the process of fat use. The process makes it synchronize, maximizing the utilization of fat, achieving the best results. Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. is a selection of bile acid standards, with a number of national technical patents, only Longchang’s power protection can be produced and sold in China, which is unique in China. Long Chang moved in 14 years, focusing on the production of bile acids. At present, there is a good sales performance and reputation in China. At present, Longchang has been moving with new hopes, Hefeng, COFC, Dabei Nong, Haida, Tongwei, Yuehai has established strategic cooperative relations. Since 2009 we have also developed international markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Africa.

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With the adjustment of industry policies, the future trend of industry, adjust their pace in time, no longer continue to wait and see, passively, take the initiative, seize the opportunity, Enhance your competitiveness!

Improve grease utilization, reduce feed cost, green feed additive, protect liver and gentle health

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