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First, the green feed should be fed, it is best to handle it before feeding, such as cleaning, chopping, girder, etc., so as to make goose feeding and digestion. The remaining grass pulp can’t feed the goose to prevent geese in nitrite poisoning.
Second, when using green feeding, it should be considered in a variation of nutrient content and digestibility rate during different growth periods. In addition, the green feeding content is high, and some refined feed should be properly mixed when feeding the goose.
Third, soastosome is much more than too much, too much saponin will inhibit the growth of the gutter. Many green green feeds such as spinach, beet leaves, etc., so as to prevent crosses to suffer from illness or paralysis. Veterinary drug agent

When grazing or collecting green feed, you should understand the characteristics of green and green feed and grow the ground. It is strictly forbidden to get toxic or just sprayed into the vegetable land of pesticides. To prevent geese poisoning.

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