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Today, the production of factory chemical circulatory water breeding systems ordered in Guangxi customers has completed it. After they are in place with customers, we immediately contact the trucks immediately, and also drive the enthusiasm of the workers, and put the equipment in a short time. All loaded. This time, a few young people in Guangxi chose the autonomy of the circulating water, mainly cultured in the South America. Customers tell us: “Today, the government has severely regulated river coast, prohibiting cage farming, fisheries are in the development of modernization, intensification, scale, and histochemical, have a steady and good, green development is remarkable, industrial The structure is more optimized, and it has higher requirements for efficient cooperation with feed, disease prevention and control and safety drug development. Considering the current policy and future fishery development, they decide to start in the direction of circulating water. “Because the customer is the first The secondary is involved in the field of circulating water, although it is a relevant homework, but in the cultured experience is still in a place. After the device arrives at the scene, our company will arrange technicians to assist in the installation system, and inform them how to operate the system, and after they have encountered problems during breeding, our company will also do their best to help solve. We also sincerely hope that customers can start successfully, and we want to have a large-scale intensive circulating water farming.

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