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Japan is the world’s second largest fisheries, and the fisheries economy is developed. I want to engage in breeding and can only be in the coastal area, so many people are watching.
This case is a Japanese customer engaged in the construction industry. He wants to develop aquaculture industry. He sees that the situation of the factory-circulating water farming is stable, and I want to work indoor circulating water. This is the first set of the first set of indoor circulating water, which is the only set of indoor circulatory water.
In June 2017, the client got contact with us through the Internet, and came to our company to see the circulating water system equipment, and the customer told us: “The fisheries are in the development of modernization, intensification, scale, and organize, industries. The structure is more optimized, take into account the current policy and future fishery development, they resolutely determine to cultivate to the circulating water. This is his first time to engage in circulating water farming, want to walk in the local circulating water, let the local people know Circulating water breeding system. “At our technical personnel, customers fully understand the performance of each device, have certain recognition of our equipment and production technology, and reach an agreement with us immediately after the first viewing plant . Customer photo
After half a month, our company has completed all equipment. After the customer is ready to be in place, we will contact the truck immediately, and the loading of the workers will drive the enthusiasm of the workers. After the equipment is complete, it will be shipped immediately.
In mid-August, the system has never destroyed Japan, and our company sent a technician to the site to assist in install the system. At the same time, the installation tool is all available. If you share the system, you will complete the system in just 5 days, so that we will not sigh the health efficiency of the Japanese.

On the occasion of the system installation, Japanese customers have taken seawater at the seaside in the morning, and the seawater is used to process seawater, put the adjustable seawater to the system for pre-raising, so that systematic self-retribution bacteria The bacteria reached a balance, and then slowly increase the amount of rope to achieve normal breeding standards. System preparation debug
The system is not only environmentally friendly and energy saving, which is of great significance for reducing water pollution, perfecting aquaculture process, and improving the utilization of aquaculture. Although the customer is the first to get into the field of circulating water, the customer saidA farming, first raised from the medium and high density, and then slowly increase the density again.
System Listing Automatic Roller Microfilter Floating Bed Biofilter System
Ozone Machine Residual Ozone Removal Composite Sterilizer Protein Separator Ultraviolet Sterilizer Soluine Cones Control System Pure Oxygen System Circulating Pump Control Electric Case Parameter Water Quality Monitoring Breeding Fish Pool
System Installation Complete Trial Run
The factory chemical circulating aquaculture system is to control the water environment with industrialization, and the water resources consume are small, the land is small, and the environmental pollution is small. The disease is less, the density is high, and the breeding production is not limited and affected by the region or climate. The resources utilization are high, and the low-risk development of the sustainable development of aquaculture industry is high. The factory-chemical circulating water farming adopts the intensive production method, reducing human cost, reducing the bait coefficient, and improving the quality of breeding varieties, can achieve better product price and economic benefits. Today, Japanese consumers have a growing demand for high quality water products, and the water products produced by traditional farming are not much added space, small profits, high risk, and it is difficult to adapt to the needs of local high-end consumers.
Some of the following data from some basic parameters and customer feedback from the system:

After a year, the customer has mastered some basic technologies and has accumulated certain experiences, ready to expand their breeding. Size, I came to our company in July this year, discuss with our technicians, and there is currently a set of systems. We will take a large-scale factory to cultivate a large-scale factory, and Guangzhou China has always been committed to providing safe, healthy and efficient new breeding models, and has a bright future with customers.

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