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Yesterday we ushered in our first super millions of shipments. This order is a customer from Tunisia. Everyone has never met, from the signing agreement to the production, the whole process is only email, after several times After exchange, I will directly under the orders, which also reflects the customer’s trust in our company and the recognition of our equipment. We don’t have a expensive look. From the production to the delivery layer, it will make the equipment best. It is intact to send it to the customer.
This delivery is due to many equipment, our delivery department will be prepared from the morning, and the whole workshop is hot and chartered. When we loaded at noon, all employees helped loading, under the sun shining, everyone They are sweating, and the company also complains that we have worked hard at high temperatures, deliberately bought us to drink and towels. Under everyone’s concentric efforts, we also used a whole afternoon to put 3 40-foot high cabinets, looked at a truck away from the factory, our hearts were excited, tired body Got a rest.
The customer is the first time to step into the field of circulating water culture, move forward in the direction of large-scale factory breeding, so I order two sets of factory chemical circulating water breeding system, mainly cultured grouper. After the system arrived at the scene, our company will send technicians to the on-site guide installation system. We will try our best to solve the problem in terms of breeding. We sincerely hope that these two systems can bring their greatest benefits.

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