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Today, Guangzhou China Avoy will hear Nigeria’s delivery, which is also the second time for the company to provide a circulating aquaculture system for Nigeria. Our company actively responded to all the construction, and the Nigerian customers jointly build a circulating aquaculture system to achieve common prosperity cooperation. Nigeria has vigorously develops factory chemical circulating water farming in recent years, and many of the race have turned to circulating water breeding. This customer is recommended to use the circulating water breeding system of our local farm use our company. After the customer did a simple understanding, our company was easy to get in touch, the customer said to us: “This is his first farming, a set of circulating water breeding systems, just aware of a local leader to use our company. The system, I know that our system is in the system, the water treatment is good, and the output is also high. I saw that his friend’s use was significant, so he subscribes to our company. “
Three 40 square capping in the afternoon Come to the factory, this delivery fish pool has 50, plus there is also a protein separator, thermostat system, solubol system, drum microfilter, floating bobbin filter, ultraviolet sterilizer, and pipeline packing , The task is heavy, the delivery department is also not idling, and it is shipped immediately. During the loading process, the sky suddenly rained, and the delivery department also did not seem to be affected by the weather, and it was full. On the occasion of the sky, the whole loading process is only 3 hours when the loading is completed, and the efficiency is extremely high. With the completion of the loading, the truck gradually departed from the factory.

Delivery scene map:

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