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The health of the yak is starting before birth. The process of cow childbirth should be within 1 hour (from the fetus to completely output), the youth cow has been in 2 hours. If the abnormality found, you must immediately ask the veterinarian. Childbirth needs to be guaranteed: clean, no thief wind and warmth. In the unclean environment, the probability of sick is 50% higher than the yak born under the cleaning environment. After the yak output: immediately check if it breathes. Clear its nostrils and mucus in the mouth. If there is a liquid strand, the new yak may suffocate. If the fetus has begun to breathe before output, it should be fed immediately after output to flow out the inhaled liquid. If there is no breathing, shake its leg, press the chest, or slam in your palm to stimulate its breathing reflection. Yak is extremely easy to pass umbilical cord infection. Vascular and closed wounds can be effectively contracted with simple disinfectants such as 5% to 7% iodine. If the umbilical cord bleed, it must be ligated by a line or clamp it with a plastic clip. Usually the umbilical cord will be drifted within 2 to 3 days. Ingestion of colostrum: Yak is born within 30 minutes of intake. Yak’s immune system is completely unstopped in birth. Primary breast-rich immunoglobulin – IgG, IgM and IgA-, and substances that can inhibit viral replication. Raw ferrin is also contained in the late milk, which is a ferric allochee, which can help the body against their invasion by capturing iron elements in the microorganism. The lactoferrin also contains a lot of enzymes, which can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria, and dissolve the bacteria of invading the body. The raw milk is also rich in vitamins A, E and B12, which are important substances that maintain the immune system. Typical sputum contains the minimum value of the following material ingredient%%%
total protein 10.0 17.6
casein 3.55.1
Clear protein 6.311.3
Ig g (1) 4.07.1
IgG (2) 1 <10%的IgG值<10%的IgG1
Fat 5.16.9
Lactose 2.22.7 New Yaowu requires at least 1 liter of ceremonial milk in 30 minutes after birth, new yak is at least 3 liters within 12 hours after birth Raw milk. After 12 hours of childbirth, the efficiency of the yak used the raw milk gradually decreased, but the raw milk should still be fed within the first 3 days. The first feed is an important guarantee for long-term health. In short, the yak is the future of the dairy farm, so we must ensure their health. Do not use antibiotics without veterinary license,Otherwise, it will have an adverse effect on the future growth of the yak. Do not use “home” drug therapy disease because it is invalid. At all, pay attention to isolate the sick cattle, feeding separately after feeding other yak, do not cause cross infection. If you have any questions, you can consult the veterinary doctor. Zhucheng Kangmei Feed

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