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With the continuous expansion of sea cucumber breeding, pests and diseases have become more serious, especially the sea cucumber shield fiber disease in major breeding areas such as Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, causing huge losses to the majority of enterprises and farmers. Shield worms are an increasing parasitic, normal in water bacteria, floating plants for food, and in additional cases, enters the inside of the animal, with animal cells and tissue residue. 1. The harm of the shield is mildly leads to the sea and the sedami, the sediment, the seafood, the skin is large, the skin is made into a nose, or from the surface to the lower, the internal organs flow out, there will be a lot of death in a short time. At the same time, the shield fiber can lead to a weight loss of animal tissue mechanical damage, secondary bacterial infection, such as aliphatic skin, shaking head and other phenomena. 2. The occurrence of shield fiber is caused by the occurrence of the shield of the worms. The occurrence of the caterpillar is required: 1 external environment of parasitic brews: 7 – August water temperature increase, algae reproduction, water quality deterioration; 2 sea ginseng injury: inverted pond An exhibited mechanical wound, a bacterial infection, and the decline of immunity have the above two conditions, and the shield fiber will come to the outbreak period. Due to the large-scale development of sea cucumber in recent years, near-sea pollution is getting more serious, and the floating plants have increased year by year, and the dilot bury is rich in bait, so that the shield worms begin to enter the peak period of breeding. Fiber caucillar encounters sea cucumber with wounds, starting to eat tissue at the wound, and then transfers bacterial infection, gradually causing the body surface to fester, induce the fiber, in the body surface, and infection is more serious, which ultimately leads to sea cucumber death. 3. The prevention and treatment of the shield worms and the deterioration of the water culture environment, and the shield worms have gradually become one of the three major problems of sea cucumber. Once infected, it is difficult to cure. Shield worms have serious harm, it is difficult to cure, the reasons are as follows: 1 The special nature of sea cucumber varieties limit the use of conventional drugs – product selection mistakes, will directly lead to a large number of deaths in sea cucumber; 2 physical surface is easy to rule, – Conventional drugs can only drive ion parasites, the effect of entering the body is not good, once the drug is disappeared, it began a lot of breeding; 3 lack of the prevention of breeding concept – the length of the dilution of the worms, fast, 2- 3 days can lead to a large number of deaths, only relying on the concept of treatment is serious. Through the above analysis, it is recommended that the majority of breeding friends must have the concept of preventive diseases, choose the appropriate prevention and treatment of drugs, combined with antibacterial and water control to better deal with sea-backed caterpillar disease. It is recommended to respond to sea cucumber shieldThe method of cilia is as follows: Prevention: Longchang Le Changbi 3-4g / kg feed, feed, reduce the chance of infection in the filament; prevention and control: Le Chang music mixture 5G / kg feed, each meal Hello, 3-5 days, after 2 days, press each cube water 1.5 grams. Long Changle Chang, made of small leafy eucalyptus essential oil imported by Australia, rich in natural antibiotic active ingredients – 1,8-eucalyptus, through its strong fat-soluble damage to parasitic biofilm (cell membrane, nucleus) Membrane, etc.) The structure thereof can achieve the effect of inhibiting parasites, and it is possible to prevent control over the parasites inside and outside the body, which proves to have a significant effect on the sea cucumber deceps. In addition, the ingredients of eucalyptus essential oil are safe and non-toxic, easy to biodegradation, no damage to sea cucumbers, do not affect feeding and growth, non-pollution, and destroy water quality, no drug residue and drug resistance. For the shield of sea cucumber, the sooner of finding, the better the Dragon Changle’s handling effect. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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