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Product Name: 9 major ingredients of 雏 成 8 major functions: 1 cefpoxime + phosphellus sodium + lactic acid cyclopropoxia: mainly for the vertical propagation of Salmonella, E. coli. 2B vitamin + vitamin C + water soluble vitamin AD3: supplement a variety of vitamins, anti-stress, and improve body immunity. 3 Potassium ion sodium ions and other nutrient ions: replenish the dehydration during the transportation of chicks, should stimulating the sodium potassium ions. 4 skim milk powder, vendum: improve the body’s immunity and the gradient of chick mother-source antibody, enhance the disease resistance of poultry, and quickly replenish the physical energy consumption of the transport should be stress. 5 保 肝 肽: Protect the liver of chicks, improve the body’s anti-liver of detoxification function, alleviate the liver damage of chicken in the disposal propagation bacteria. 6 live renal peptide: improve kidney metabolic ability, especially chick of white diarrhea to kidney damage, and the metabolic ability of primary to high protein feed. 7 Water-soluble molds: mold infection against propagation. 8 taurine: strong gap gallbladder, protect myocardium, antioxidant, promote immunity, promote animal nutrient absorption, especially for lipid metabolism.

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Dried birds just out of the shell, internal organ development is not perfect, poorly resistant to mycoplasma, Salmonella Escherichia coli, especially easy to infect, plus transportation should be large, special needs to supplement energy, supplement moisture The serious damage to the chick liver and kidney is carried out at the time of nutrition, bacterial toxins, and mold toxins. It has buried a disaster for the production performance of the essays, for the above situation, the company specializes in eUbus, high-tech quality products, used for Prevention and Treat Salmonella Escherichia coli glyphosis, mold toxin, caused glanditis and rapid addition of water separation. Dosage: 1 Each package is 1000g for 5000 chicken once 1 day, continuous use of 4 days 2 At the same time, the young excellent concentration is concentrated in water, expert authority recommends 4 days from the second day.

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