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The protestogen is a single cell animal, and the entire worm is composed of a cell. Most battalion independent free lives, only a few camps. The protrusions are small, and it can be seen under the optical microscope. The morphology varies from differentials, in different stages of life history, the shape can also be completely different, laid, long round, elliptical or pear-shaped, etc., some protrusions are free of fixed shape, often deformed, with versatility. The basic structure of insects mainly includes cell membranes, fine-raised and nuclear part. Irrilosis is parasitic disease caused by the protozoa of monocytes, including coccidi, sootpine spore disease, white cytokine disease, plasmotic disease, tissue mesiasis, drippillar disease, cocktile Parasitic protots such as diseases and tedge diseases. Here are some common parasite types: 1. Callus hazelnut puppies are one of the global epidemic parasitic diseases that seriously hazard the poultry industry, which is caused by a variety of coccidinals that are parasitic in Emei Ears in poultry intestinal epithelial cells. The pathogenesis is extremely high, has a wide range of popular, and is seriously harmful. Direct economic losses caused by coccidiosis during the world (

, the direct economic loss caused by coccidia is $ 2 billion, while my country’s drug costs for treating or preventing chicken balls per year are 600 million to 1.8 billion yuan. The disease can occur, but there is also a certain seasonality, usually more rainy, the weather is most suitable for the development of the oocyst, and the incidence rate is high, especially the temperature, the higher humidity is very easy to enabling. The incidence rate before and after the rain is the highest. Callus is easy to infect infection. The sick chicken body is thin, and the chicken is pale or blue. Callus has strict host-specific and selection of parasitic parts without cross infection. Among them, the most harmful soft Emerald Emethis mainly infringes the blindstone, which is shown to be significantly swollen on both sides. 1. Lending white blood nesher disease chicken, leukotrophic disease is parasitic in white blood cells (mainly mononuclear cells) and red blood cells, which is the largest. The most obvious feature of the disease is anemia, and the chicken is from the cock. Therefore, it is also called “autonomous disease”. This disease is spread by a vampire insect library, 蚋, generally in summer and autumnThe season is popular. When the chicken is in the case of the incidence, the spirit is sustainous, the whole group is significantly reduced, and the feathers are muted, the wings are sag, and the tips or slightly paralyzed. Disease chicken anemia, thin, chicken pale. Some onset of chicks, cough, some chicken death, blood. Frequently patients with sick chives coughing in the sink and tank. The blood is thin, the coagulation is poor; the chest muscle, the leg muscle has a large white small nodule that is scattered in the surface, which is often mixed with E. coli. 1. Chicken tissue trichomonia chicken tissue trichomic diseases are also known as creative hepatitis or blackhead disease, which is caused by turkey tissue, parasitic disease caused by a poultry blind, and liver. The incidence and mortality rate and mortality after the tissue tissue of the chicken are high. The tissue dripper insects produces a lot of tissue mesemati in the cream blind intestines, so that the cecomic cells have been largely destroyed, dissolved, detached, and the chicken appeared, the yellow or dark green feces were severe. Drops of tissue fragments. The main pathological changes in the shade of the zelum and the liver, most of the cadecone is swollen, and the intestinal abutment is large and the intestinal wall is thick. The liver is swollen, shallow color, forming a plurality of circles or irregularities on the surface, slightly sized, slightly recessed necrosis lesions, the center of the lesion is pale yellow or light green, and a gray-white necrosis is formed around. Slightly prototyled out of the surface of the liver, the shape is particularly obvious. The number of necrotic stoves is different, forming size, etc., which is not equal to each other. The gallbladder is large, full of bile. Prevention measures to prevent such sorrows is to do a good job in environmental hygiene, keep the cockhouses inside and outside the environment clean, do a good job of disinfection, clear feces every day, deposit the fermentation, and kill the eggs. Reasonably select deworm drugs, regularly deworming, recommend everyone to use, broad-spectrum, efficient, safe insectitis. It is recommended to use Longchang New Products – Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Natural Australian small blue eucalyptus extraction. Le Chang as a natural plant extract, with a broad spectrum and anti-inflammatory characteristics, while driving inside and outside the vanity can also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, spray and mixtures can be used. And do not produce drug resistance, which is more convenient to use. And because it is a natural plant extract, safe, green, no drug disabled. It meets the trend of no resistance to help the majority of farmers.

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