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The main task of 7 days before the chickens: 1) Check the rose house, confirm that the chicken house is rinsed and disinfected, will completely disinfect the water dispenser, small plate, feces, mesh umbrella, small, plastic mesh, padding into the house Inside, and closed doors and windows with potassium permanganate + formaldehyde fumigation for 24 hours, and then open the window ventilation. Operating standard: (1) formaldehyde 42 ml / m 3, potassium permanganate 21 g / m3, heated 20 ml / m 3. (2) Container: The capacity is 10 times the amount of dose to prevent overflow. (3) The temperature in the house must reach 20 ° C or higher. (4) First put potassium permanganate into the container and pour it into hot water, and finally fill the formaldehyde. (5) The number of containers: 3 m (6 m) with a vessel is a central radius (the container is 6 meters). (6) When the fumigation is sterilized, the doors and windows should be closed, and the exhaust port is closed, and the newspapers, mud, etc., can not breathable. (7) Pay attention to safety. 2) Set the barbed wire to prevent the bird in the air. 3) Open the chicken 3 days before the chicken, disinfect it with chlorine disinfectant (such as: sodium hypochlorite), 3 meters around the cockle, disinfect or spread the lime with 2% to 3% of the persertion surrounded by 3 meters. , Disinfecting environment. 4) Installing and illumination: Prepare 100 watts, 60 watts, 40 watts and 25 watts of incandescent lamps, 3 meters of lamps, between the lamps, the columns and columns are interlaced, 50 ~ 60 cm from the upper chicken head, for use Sports chicks must be installed between the first to second cages. 5) Pinggui Chicken can be laid on the ground, a sawdust or softwood shavings, etc., and then use it after fumigation and disinfection. The density feed of the Shandong Province is well, and the US Group was established on May 16, 2004, dedicated to the professional, normative and high-tech, through high-tech products and systems as the basis for creating value for users. Develop a new functional egg chicken premix product and a US farming mode, obtain a number of national invention patents, and is appreciated by customers. 6) Prepare feed (standard for 1000 chickens): (1) Preparing for the first day of millet or corn 糁 2 to 3 kg. (2) Opening period and the early preparation of the chick: brown shell density preparation and Meihua Billy Bao full price 10 bags (200 kg), the powder shell egg chicken prepares a full price of 18 bags (350 kg). (3) Sexual preparation: 5% 5% of the Meihua LC15 chick (125 kg), such as using 10% of the birthday feed to prepare 250 kg. (4) Preparing about 25 ~ 35Kug high quality soybean oil. (5) Preparing immunization vaccine: new tributary, small triple (H120), etc., the vaccine should be preserved in accordance with the explanation of the vaccine bottle, generally refrigerated, and the weak toxic seedlings are frozen. (6) Prepare common drugs: glucose powder, electrolytic multi-dimensional, open-chick, gold speed supplement, and prevention and treatment of Salmonella drugs, prevention and treatment of respiratory immune should be activated. 7) Two days in winter in the winter, other seasons were pre-tempered 1 day in advance to ensure that the temperature reached 35 ° C. Take a hot air furnace, a ternary heating furnace and other models, all the air intake of all heating equipment is placed outside, preventing oxygen with chicken when burning. 8) Adjust water, lighting, feeding equipment to ensure normal operation. 9) Prohibit any leisurely personnel and unsatched utensils into the chicken house. Pay attention to WeChat public account: livestock and poultry farming, understand more farmed information. Technical support: Tel: 15853106958Q: 3332097010 WeChat: 158531069583, 1 day before jumiting: 1) Re-examination is complete, such as disinfection equipment, disinfectant, nutrients and daily medication, production records, etc. Fine, comprehensive, written. 2) Check whether the temperature of the chick house can reach 35 ° C, use the atrophost of the insulation umbrella, the temperature of the umbrella reaches 35 ° C ~ 36 ° C. 3) Ensure the humidity to ensure the humidity of the wet pad according to the installation spray equipment, the ground is wetted, the wall water sprinkler, the barrel is placed. It is necessary to pay special attention to the problem of warm wind stove, floor heating or fire, and timely use the above methods to ensure humidity. 4) Set the sterilization pool and disinfection potter door, and enter and leave the chicken hand to disinfect.

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