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During the breeding process of South Americans, curtain disease, rotten disease, red leg disease, enteritis, liver pancreatic death, etc., let the majority of farmers have a headache. Experimental studies have shown that such sages are eucalyptus, causing the main causes of liver pancreatic death caused by shrimps. The distribution area of ​​shrimp strontism is almost worldwide, and there is no selection and geographical difference in the host shrimp, and there is no specific season and time distinguish, in the year, four seasons, seedling, develop and relaxed shrimp There are all stages of winter and other stages, and the summer and autumn 2 is a season, and the epidemic suitable temperature is 25-32 ° C, especially when 28 ° C is extremely rapid, and it can cause a large amount of death of shrimp in a few days. Through the pathological study of patients with shrimp blood cells, the violation of the Vibrus on the liver pancreatic is most serious, often causes necrosis and inflammation of the liver and pancreatic. The liver pancreas of the sick shrimp is changed to micro-red, even shrinking, necrosis, can be seen in the liver pancreatic and medium intestinal entropes, the liver and mid-angry fibroblasts, the hepatopathic tube fiber species, the mesopheric tissue edema, and blood cells are infiltrated. Encourse into the bacteria. Over the years, Arciosis has mainly used antibiotic treatment, but antibiotic treatment will bring a series of serious consequences, mainly to produce a chemical resistant strain, causing water pollution, destroying the immunity of shrimp. In fact, eucalyptus is a typical conditional pathogenic bacteria, and the occurrence of Vibris disease is often a result of a certain amount of pathogens to the deterioration of the external environmental conditions, while the results of various factors have interacted with the decline in shrimps. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of eucalyptus should be doubled from the improvement of the water environment and improved shrimp resistance. The hepatic pancreas is an important immune defense organ with shrimp. The health of the hepatic pancreas is related to the disease resistance of shrimp, and the above mentioned above, the injury of Earth disease is the largest. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the liver pancreasia of shrimp in the prevention and control of arculine. Scientific experiments and production practice prove that bile acid has excellent effects in protecting shrimp hepataria health control of arc sagis: 1, bile acid can protect liver gallbladder, on the one hand, promote the metabolism of liver fat, prevent fat from excessive deposition of liver, On the other hand, the liver is stimulating the liver secretion bile, smooth the biliary tract; 2, bile acid can bind or decompose endotoxin in the intestine, prevent endotoxin from entering the liver pancreas, reduce the absorption of endotoxin, increase the intestinal barrier effect, prevent internal Toxins are harm to intestinal, liver pancreasia and even peers; 3. Add bile acids in shrimp feed to effectively promotePut the shrimp and convert to the molt hormone necessary to complete the shell to ensure the normal molty in the growth process; rate.
In summary, the shrimp arms is mainly grown from the protection of the liver and pancreatic to the shrimp resistance, and the bile acid is protected against the shrimp pancreas, and the raw shrimp disease is controlled. (Source: Longchang Moving Insurance)
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