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Stress-excited bleeding is a non-pathogenic disease, does not contagious, a non-specific, raw rational tension, a non-specific, residential tension in the environment, with a body surface bleeding as a main symptom An abnormal reaction. 0D9AA05827F336388E.PNG

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Fish is affected by stimuli, weather mutation, long-distance transport, etc. The sputum bleeding is serious, and a large amount of blood is poured from the lid and red water, causing a large amount of fish death. Even if you don’t die, it is also a pink, the body is hard, affecting the body of the fish and the exit, and lose the value of goods.


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2018-9-26 15:47 Upload There is less secretion of the diseased fish, the hand is rough, the muscle moisture is increased, the body surface has a swollen sense; the anus is mild red and swollen, the intestines are mildly congestion; the liver is swollen, the texture is brittle, the texture is brittle, the gallbladder Bile filling; spleen siltum is large, purple black; the heart is mild, the color is light; there is a pale yellow ascites in the abdomen.

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2018-9-26 15:47 Upload There are more fish in high-density, high nutritious breeding ponds and cages, squid, squid, etc., and rumored, the main cause of onset: stocking density Over high; the pond is long-term solubol; the amount of feed nutrition is too high, the fish growth is too fast, the gill, the body surface capillaries are brittle;Don’t produce irregular feeders, add antibiotics, promote growth agents. There is no particularly effective treatment method, mainly in health prevention: 1. Reasonably control the stocking density and the number of varieties; 2. Ensure that the pond water has a higher oxygen level; 3. Regularly change the water, Maintaining water algae phase balance and bacterial equilibrium; 4, choose the feed product of formal feed manufacturers, scientifically reasonable feeding management, do not add too much and over-feeding; The liver of fish is healthy, enhances the body’s immunity and anti-stress energy, and increase the secretion of body surface mucus. Special reminder, if it is the net fish, you must do the above work in advance. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan.

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