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Parasitic diseases have seriously threatened the healthy development of livestock and poultry breeding, and the intestinal parasitic diseases are most common in tatonymous disease. Aphid disease is a kind of parasitic disease due to parasitic parasitic parasitic parasitic in chicken, common Rilei locust has three kinds of triolisolers, tetralar derivatives, and round Rarelius, due to this disease distribution Widely, all parts of the country have an exproprion symptoms of chickens and small intestine catholic in the whole country. I. Clinical symptoms and production in production
1, the epithelial egg chicken egg yields rise slowly or stopped, the egg rate is more than 80%, and the food is not high.
2, just above the peak of the layout, the product is slowly decreased, and the egg is heavy, and the egg is small. About 10-15% of the chicken is white, check the crown.
3, high egg chicken, egg shell color is shallow. The brown shell egg whitening (obvious) accounts for about 10-30%.
4, in the egg chicken group, small part of the chicken, first remove the anus, then the anal, the death is increased.
5, the flock is thin, red, puzzle, according to enteritis, small intestinal catholic, intestinal syndrome, multiple medication still repeatedly, I can’t help it, I am very confused.
Second, clinical misdiagnosis and etiology
Because of a slow disease infection, the clinical symptoms have slowed slowly, with a number of days in January-November, in particular, the temperature decreases, and the performance is decreased, clinical There is often a misdiagnosis between the temperature and the cooling link, which is more virus disease, gentle influenza treatment, and repeated investment.
Aphid parasitic is parasitic in the intestines, the top section is adsorbed to the intestinal mucosa, destroying the intestinal wall of the intestinal wall, causing hemorrhagic enteritis, the symptoms similar to the intestinal intestinal syndrome, more than enteritis, intestinal syndrome can not be cured. Attentive observation of feces, tattlicate disease characteristic feces: color is red or rust color is “sorghum-like feces”, and there is a white “sesame table” in a white “sesame table”. 7-10 days after effective fleece, sorghum feces and lay egg performance can return to normal, and no repetition.
Third, the harmful harm in the intestine – the disease
1, aphid form and species
tapests are stripped, flat, mostly milky white, and the worm is divided into head, neck and body. The head is sucking the organ and adsorbed to the intestine. Cervical development grows. The body section is divided into sewenening, subjunction and pregnancy (pregnancy) according to its development degree.
Frequently insecticormous diseases: Lai Guanli Lili, tetralar, aphid, aphid, and aphids. Types of water poultickets are: spear swords with aphids.
2 After the middle host was swallowed by the chicken, it was the fastest in the small intestine for adult insects, and the mature tunnel was discharged. The insect eggs of the water poultry aphids were in the middle of the main body for 6 weeks, and the sword was killed by the duck, and the goose was swallowed. It was developed in 19 days.
3, the middle host of the steworm
The middle host of the keysitae has: ant, flies (fly maggots), 蛞蝓, snail, turtles pedests and other beetles. At present, the middle host of the caged egg hooks is: flies (fly maggots) and beetles. The infection of the cockpsosis is closely related to the intermediate host, so the control and reduction of intermediate hosts help to prevent mites.
4, the epidemic status of chicken chiral disease
The cocktuts are widely distributed, which is related to the existence of intermediate host ants, flies and cochettal beetles. Breeding of chickens, infection, infection, infection of egg hooks in 6-7 months, in the summer and autumn season, in the late autumn and late winter, a pest infection stage. At this stage, the egg stage is mainly based on the disease, and the egg chickens are mostly insects, resulting in a significant output or death, intestinal inflammation and hemorrhagic enteritis. Youth chicken, chicks are most likely infected, and the mortality rate is high.
5. Symptoms of tapep infection
Youth chicken, decline, increased drinking water, increased weight, slow development slow, uniformity. The sick chickens are stagnant, the feathers are linger, the crown is pale, and the thin death is lost.
Produced egg chicken, showing indigestible disorders, weight loss anemia, plug in mutual 喙 and mutual inert. Egg shell color, hardness, and egg yolk have become poor, and the egg is also small. The amount of egg production is stopped or lowered.
Hemoraguangogitis, cockroaches deep into the lower layer of the intestinal mucosa, destroying the intestinal mucosa to form a nodulation-like lesion, causing bleeding enteritis, stains of stools with pale yellow white blood sample, fecal shape is sorghum.
Fee inspection, pregnancy, tattoo sesame particles in the feces, the slices of the sesame seeds, the milky white, sometimes visible to the tile creeps. NeurideThe metabolites of the worms can cause autologous poisoning of disease chickens, exhibiting neurological symptoms such as spasm.
Symptoms, small intestinal mucosa, congestion, can be found. The parasitic part is a needle tip, and the central depression is caused. When a large number of worms gathered, causing intestinal blocking, causing intestinal rupture and peritonitis. Causes death during severe.
Four, prevention and control measures
Regularly dewormed: 60 days old young chicken, 120 days of primary primary egg hooks, various deworms once. Adult egg chicken, May, August, each prevention of deworming once. Due to the summer and autumn season is the middle host flies and a large amount of breeding season, it is the stage of dewant infected aphids, so in August is especially important. Biosafety: Chicken manure is often removed, fermentation treatment to kill the eggs in the eggs. Flies began to breed season, inhibiting fly maggots, and killing ants, turtles and other beetles. Reduce intermediate hosts. It is recommended to use more secure eucalyptus essential oils – Le Chang. Le Chang uses Victorian natural wild eucalyptus to extract eucalyptus essential oils, which is rich in active substances 18-eucalyptus, and more than 85%, clinical applications have proven to effectively inhibit harmful pathogenic microorganisms, maintain animal respiratory tract, intestinal health Promote animal growth, reduce stress, and can be added safely safely, and there is no harmless. Le Chang meets the trend of green non-anti-farming, solves the territory of density in eggs in eggs, and now Le Chang is serving more and more farming friends, making it indispensable products in breeding life. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source. Thank you. Poultry aphids

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