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First, what should I do if I don’t eat before?

Head fetal sow, 5 days does not eat, drink some water, 8 days, production, body temperature 38.5, good mental condition, you can see fetal movement, great god Take a look at the treatment?

Answer: 1, you put it out of a walk, more exercise

2, this state is normal, don’t worry too much , Properly feeding some easy-to-digestible green feed can be

Second, the sow is abnormal death, what should I do?

The pigs are mostly bacterial diseases: the use of extensive management, and the sophisticated pigs with poor hygiene are mostly distributed or scattered. The intensive pig field is substantially no sudden death in the management better and uses preventive antibacterial drugs.

Pig viral diseases often have typical processes of infectious diseases: whether there is an acute type, subactivative type, chronic type, gentle, subclinical type, often experience incubation, pre-detection period , Symptoms, recovery or transfer period. There are fewer cases of virus, just like high thermopathics, rare. High heat leads to reduced moisture in vivo, and the diarrhea is not easy to cause, high-heat accompanying symptoms report as an example.

The most likely caused pigs with pigs: pig pour lung disease, pigs, piglets, pig edema, pig infectious pleuropneumania, piglet white microstrue, pig intestinal hemorrhage synthesis Symptoms, pigs and dead stress syndrome, and the most embarrassing streptotic bacteria. Before the pig households must guard against the above pigs, avoid the abnormal death of the pig. In addition, Xiaoquan is explained to what is the pig burst stress syndrome.

Pig bundle stress syndrome

After strong stimulation, it did not show any symptoms and suddenly died. If the boar is breedingExcited, the chasing is too horrified, excessive crowding during transportation, etc., may cause sudden death due to nervousness.

So, how to prevent the pig’s death?

1, for pigs, especially sow varieties, blood optimization and breeding, and reduce the incidence of swine deaths from the basis.

2, stress prevention work for pigs in various production stages.

3, strictly monitor the condition of respiratory disease, especially chronic respiratory disease, and do a good job in relevant health care. Such as: Early prevention of weaning piglets can effectively control infectious pleuropneumitis.

4, doing environmental control, especially temperature and humidity, so that the pig is warm, cool, ventilated, dry, and comfortable.

5, adjust the inner environment of the pig, pH, electrolyte balance, etc., need to be considered, including feed and drinking water.

6, do a good job in the prevention of several diseases, such as:

(1) Large pig closing enteritis prevention: this disease Most of the sows in the late pregnancy, the feature of maternal pigs is sudden death. Adding parenteral repair in gestational sow can reduce the incidence and mortality of the disease.

(2) If the most embarrassing constant streptotic bacteria is continuous, the whole group of muscle injection, 5 mg / kg, and use 3 times, the most embat type of Streptococcus Prevention: Differences in the date of weaning. Use homemakes and antibiotics to reduce piglet death

I hope that these content can help you. If you have a good method in the breeding process, please welcome the message to share, Thank you!

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