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In October, the level of cereals (carbohydrates) in the feed can be increased, and the water and humidity can be reduced and the plush color is stable.
In order to avoid the impact of the plush color, after the growth period of the beast is emerging in winter, it will be moved into the expansion of the light, and the end of the water is the beginning of the harvest.
Pay attention to improving the quality and individual health of fur, breeding preparation and changing feed period feed quality, generally cereal feed, fruit vegetables are too large, animal feed and mixed feed too little, dietary protein, fat and The vitamin is insufficient.
The result is delayed by the developmental maturation of the breeding system, but also causes the post-changing hair removal, the hair peak, the floor, the flour, hair removal, self-biting, and the like.
1, winter hair, long-term fur animals must obtain certain fats from the diet, and the necessary fatty acid supply is not enough to be pubescent, no elasticity, fragile, and fluffy.
2, trace elements copper have obvious effects on fur quality. Animals lack copper, often leading to animals with iron deficiency anemia and fluff loss.
3. Long-term calcium, phosphorus in winter, can not be too high, otherwise it will lead to delaying, and the furry fiber is brittle and easy to break, or the plush becomes brown, and the mass is lowered.
November, Xiaoxue November 22 this month is the moon, the harvest season of silver fox, see the maturity of the skin, and the maturity of the hair.

In the last few weeks of hair development, fat is a key factor that makes the water stable color. The fox November sexual organ development is significantly accelerated, and the body is generally obese. It has no negative impact on the breeding of the next year. On the contrary, if the condition is prematurely reduced nutrients, it hinders the development of reproductive systems, leading to the fattermity and breeding difficulties in the next year.
Skin fox at this time, the long-term winter, for a long time, to get the high-quality skin of the large size, must be breed with high protein and high fat diet, the total amount of feed must ensure that the fox can eat, if the day grain Less, you can’t meet the nutritional needs of foxs, you will inevitably cause a large number of changing, plush empty, appear from biting, edible, etc., thereby bringing significant economic losses.
Pay attention to the reselection of the levy and silver fox.
1, in the first half of November, do a good job in the selection, which is convenient for slaughter in the second half.
2, picking a fox near the skin. Because the date of birth is not identified, it is missed – some birthday, and the results cannot be emotionally breed at the same year.
December,Snow December 7; Winter and December 22, the reproductive system has accelerated, and the autumn begins to take off summer hair long hair, and the winter is mature during the winter solstice.
At this month, pay attention to a small amount, gradually increase the content of crude fiber raw materials in the breastfeeding, and appropriately reduce energy, and lay the foundation for the mother and beast conditioning. Blue fox began to take skin. It is also necessary to pay attention to the beast to beast into a seeds this month. The beast is already mature, the nutritional storage is sufficient, and the nutrient consumption is relatively reduced.
To promote reproductive system, the physical condition is adjusted to the level suitable for breeding, and the supply of thermal energy, fat and carbohydrate supply of diet is appropriately reduced, but the protein and vitamins are not reduced, and the winter solstice gives the beast to feed some full price. Protein feed (lean meat, heart, liver, blood, milk, egg), and should be added to some emotional feed, such as animal brain, onion, garlic, etc. Scan the QR code below, more surprises waiting for you! ! !

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