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China Radio Network reported on December 8th, saying that dogs are the most loyal friends of humans. However, in the eight district of Zaizhi, Daqing City, a tragedy of “dog food owners”.

On December 5, the cold is frozen, and the sky is flying. At 9 o’clock on the same day, Zhang Ming (pseudonym) went to the dog’s nest, until 14 o’clock did not come back. The wife Sun Fang (pseudonym) has an ominous premonition, and the 16-year-old son is a small light (name).

In front of the scene, let Xiaoguang can’t accept: The whole non-unrecognizable father is lying next to the dog’s nest, the neck and the skin on the face are gone, and the bloody skull, even the eyes did not see the traces. Tibetan Mastiff “Niu Niu” stands on the side, obeying fierce, full of blood.

Love dog feeding “Niu Niu” 6 months

Zhang Ming, 58 years old, live in the eight-zone near the second mine of the oil. He really likes to raise a dog, the degree of love to the dog, can be described in “obsessed”.

Zhang Ming has a relative family living in Zhangzhou, raising a Tibetan mastiff, he will give it delicious. He used to bite this Tibetan mastiff several times, especially the abdomen injury is the most serious, nevertheless, his favorite or Tibetan mastiff.
6 months ago, this Tibetan Mastiff gave a few small Tibetan mastiffs, so Zhang Ming hugged a little mother Tibetan Mastiff, name “Niu Niu”.

“Niu Niu” brings a lot of fun to Zhang Ming’s life, Zhang Ming is like taking care of the child, and takes care of “Niu Niu”.

According to his wife’s statement, “Niu Niu” is very warm from a small style, and it is very popular, and it has never been “violent” tendency. “Niu Niu” is very fast, turning into an eye, 6 months, young “Niu Niu” has a black hair, very beautiful. Today, “Niu Niu” has been very tall and buretry, and the owner does not have a little.

Feeding with “Niu Niu”, there is a German Shepherd, named “Black Bes”, it is also very well-behaved.

主 owner feeds the dog for a long time,

Zhang Ming family lived in the building of the Bayi Community, and a few years ago, he was on the reed floor in the north side of our house. A piece of place is used to plant some vegetables. Next to the ground side, he also covered a small line, and a simple pig circle is built next to the bungalow. There is no pig in the pigsty.”Niu Niu” and “Black” have always lived here.

Every day, Zhang Ming is “Niu Niu” and “Black Bei” carefully prepared food, and I fed twice a day in the afternoon, and I can return home for less than 1 hour.

At 9 o’clock on December 5, Zhang Ming was like a dog food, and he didn’t bring a mobile phone. Let the family worry that he has gone to eat at noon, he did not go home to eat. Soon, the timing of the table pointed to 14, until this time, Zhang Ming did not come back.

The wife Sun Fang is somewhat indulging, and she begins to think about it: “The old man is not good, will there be?”

She thought of a car accident and thought of sudden I have a heart disease, so she hurriedly let his son Xiaoguang to find a husband.

miserable skull is blurred

The dog’s bungalow is not far from the building, less than 3 minutes, Xiaoguang will go there. Just entering the small court, Xiao Guang saw, “Niu Niu” and “Black” swayed on the dog’s nest. Unlike “Black”, “Niu Niu” is covered with red substances, which also keeps with something on the mouth with tongue. Xiao Guang didn’t think much, and she shouted a few “Dad”, but no one responded.

Due to the night of the night, the snow, the house and the small court were covered by snow. Xiao Guang noticed that there was a small number of snow, and there was only one row of footprints in the yard. He walked in the dog’s nest in his foot, suddenly, he found that his father was lying on the ground, and it moved. When he approached and then see again, the eyes were black, “Mom”, and the squat was on the ground.

I saw that my father’s neck and my face were blurred, all blood. There is no neck, the throat and the flesh, only one bone is left with the body and the head; the head, the face has no skin, the two eyeballs and the ears will not see the trace, the hair is left under the hair. The snow covered with white has already been blushed with blood, and it has been frozen with the head. At this point, the father Zhang Ming’s body is stiff.

“Niu Niu” is spread, no. The excessive small light is crawling, and it is crazy to escape the bungalow. After returning home, he told his mother.
Sun Fang Wen listened to this news, panic, crying to run to the bungalow. Just oneI entered the school, Sun Fang rushed to her husband, I want to take her husband out of the small courtyard, Xiao Guang worried that the mother was hurt by “Niu Niu”, forcibly pulling the mother out of the small courtyard.

The dog “Niu Niu” “Blackbe” was killed

panic, Xiao Guang and mother dialed the alarm phone. A few minutes later, the police officers of the Iron Man Public Security Bureau quickly rushed to the scene. In order to further survey the site, ensure that personnel safety, the police decided to kill “Niu Niu” and “Blackbe” on the spot on the spot after the consent of the family.
At about 15:30, the small yard came out of 3 dating guns. Zhang Ming’s two love dogs should fall. After confirming the death of the dog, the police further surveared the site.

According to the police, Zhang Ming has died, and his head and the skin of the neck are talented by the Tibetan Mastiff “Niu Niu”.

It is understood that “Niu Niu” was knocked two shots, “Blackbe” was hit, and both were killed on the spot.

At 17 o’clock on the same day, Zhang Ming’s body was shipped to the funeral parlor.
At present, Zhang Ming’s loved ones are being prepared for their expectations.

After the death of the deceased, he had a heart disease

after the incident, it was determined that Zhang Ming’s head and the skin of the neck were indeed been taken by Tibetan Mastiff “Niu Niu”. However, this is not to determine that he is biting by “Niu Niu”. Because, according to the common sense, in the event of the incident, if Zhang Ming was “Niu Niu” was “Niu”, he will definitely escape, but there is no trace of struggle at the scene, and from the scene, Zhang Ming There is not much blood loss. In addition, Zhang Ming except the head, the face and the neck, and other parts were not damaged.
According to Zhang Ming’s wife, he has heart disease before his birth, and has suffered from a heart infarction. She also told reporters that “Niu Niu” just opened for 6 months, and the temperament has been very warm, and there is no hurting “precision”, and listening to people saying that Tibetan Mastiff is less than one year old, it will not “attack people”.
So, what exactly Zhang Ming was “Niu Niu”, and it was directly killed by “Niu Niu”, which is still unable to judge.
Zhang Ming’s wife said that she would originally want to make an autopsy for her husband, but they need a lot of costs, so she intends to give up the autopsy.

Sorrowful orphan oligoming is difficult

At 21:30 on December 5, the reporter rushed to the scene of the incident overnight. Near the dog’s nest in the flat house, the blotbemp blood on the ground is clearly visible, “Niu Niu” and “black shell” body is lying near the dog’s nest.

In the home of the deceased, the reporter interviewed Zhang Ming’s wife Sun Fang and his son Xiao Lang. It is understood that Sun Fang is 46 years old and has no occupation. The son is only 16 years old, and is currently reading in a professional high school, learning from welding technology. Zhang Ming lives before, the family is very poor, and a family is full of low insurance to maintain life.

Today, Zhang Ming did not moderately died, the top beam column collapsed, and only this orphan is left in the family.
According to Sun Fang, the reason why her husband’s hidden mastiff, I like to raise a dog, and on the other hand, I think I think at home. At the beginning, the husband was fully posetted by the mother Tibetan Mastiff, which was to let it produce the money to raise money. However, no one thought that “Niu Niu” has not brought income to the owner, there is such a thing.
The husband left like this, throwing this to the mother and child who have nothing to rely. Thinking of this, the mother and son loved: How did you pass after the day?

Reminder: According to the Interim Provisions on the Management of Dog Dogs in Daqing City, each household is allowed to raise a pet dog, which is strictly prohibited to raise large dogs and fenograms. Trial
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