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[Basic Materials] 2 months of gold, dog age, weighing 3.5 kg
Since the incidence, body temperature is normal, no vomiting, no cough, no nose, no nose is obvious, eyes have no blood
5-4] Buying, unimhable, after 3 to 4 days, good appetite, then dry, eat the puppies dog food
[5-8] because there is no experience, give the dog a bag of milk for the dog at noon , Microwave oven, when the afternoon, they will see soft, they started to pull, mud, mud, no vomiting
[5-9] Rain all day, it will be severe, stinky, see blood, muddy to water, no Spit, low body temperature, diet water, and 1 lactic acid bacteria tablets. Other: normal body temperature, no vomiting, no cough, no nose, no nose is obvious, eyes have no blood.
[5-10] Hospital see a doctor, small (-), no detection of dog fever, intravenous given energy mixture, hemostasis, ampicillin (impression), dieting water, ink green, or water sample, stink, start there Light eyelid, there is no obvious angular mattress.
[5-11] to [5-13] hospital for medical treatment, continue intravenous liquid, diet water + nutrition cream, blood improvement, reduce the number of times
[5-14] to [5-16] start eating After the day, there is continued pulling, ink green, block or jelly sample, blood soup, no feces, diameter 2cm blood soup, oral gastrointestinal treasure, Smecta, very small dog food + nutrition cream
[5-17 】 To [5-19] hospital, intravenous liquid, stop blood, stop the water
[5-20] to [5-23] starting after eating, continue to pull, yellow, ink green phase, water samples Between the mud, odor, the spirit is not good, Mommy love 1 package, Smecta 1 half bag, all day two times, very small puppy dog ​​food + nutrition cream
[5-24] Continue Diaruasia (6 o’clock in the morning to 4:4 in the morning), yellow, ink green, there is blood, bad is the left front limbs and right rear limbs began to cramp, one sleep is cramps, there is no problem, continue to see doctors, infusion, subcutaneous Injection nutrients, gave a neurotrophic medicine (great difficult, dog-shaped foam), even the episode, the hind limbs can’t walk, dragged, start calcium (Calccu D) 600 mg daily. Mummy love. Fast food.
[5-25] Hospital see a doctor, venousGive liquid, subcutaneous injection nutrient, Mommy love, calcium calcium 800mg. Egg yolk 1 + nutrition cream. Pulled 2 times, mud, color yellow.
[5-26] Subcutaneous injection of ampicillin, Mommy love, calcium calcium is 800 mg. Egg yolk 2 + nutrition cream. Pulled once in the morning, dry mucus. BUT, also smoked.
[5-26] to [6-14], start the left front limb body body shake, first to sleep, I woke up in a few days, I am shaking, I am uncomfortable at night, I have always been Calcuch D + VIT AD plastic pill + VIT B12
[6-15] In addition to walking, there is no evidence when running, almost all time has a lot, standing when standing right, still is still the left front limb, starting during the day Oh, the evening is amazing, I also bite my right behind, and the muscle atrophy occurs after the left. But walking, jogging, there is no problem in the upper floor, and when you walk the dog, you have no shakes in the middle of the limbs, and you will start to smoke. The diet is particularly good, the long meat is also very good, love to drink water, the body temperature is not high, start to take cardaasi, 1/3 began to gradually increase, currently 1 piece, each morning and evening, the effect is not obvious.
The puppy is too sinned. I want to help the following questions:
1, this is a dog? The left front limb limb jitter is the dog’s sequelae?
2, someone tells me, dog The limb nerve is cross, that is, the left front right is central (but, people are heterogeneous), I want to know that this problem is central or peripheral neurology.
3, is there any drug that can relieve twitching or pain? Epilepso we can’t buy it here.
4, this limb jitter is related to calcium deficiency or calcium? 7kg 3 month Golden Hair recommended calcium supplement dose?
5, I have learned acupuncture, so I have no problem for dog scatters. Help?
is really embarrassed, this more problem.
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