Help Malisak taking steps

timg (3).jpg Although the Malisus dogs have a very thick-long hair, let the owner feel that it is a very troublesome thing to take a bath. In fact, as long as you master the right methods and steps, you can get a shower to Malgus can also become a very easy, and make your physical and mentally happy things.

First, take a bath tool before taking a bath. For example, bathing pots, comb, scissors, towels, hair dryers, washing prunion, moratin, and more. Before you get a bath, you should give it a hair first, after the hair is smashed, it is also conducive to the bathing of the bath.

After preparing the tool, you can prepare a bath water after combing the hair. It is appropriate to determine whether the water temperature is suitable, so that the dog will take the paw into the water, let it feel the water temperature, if the dog is fiercely rejected, then you can start a bath.

First use water to wet the body of the dog, then take some washing hair to wipe it on the dog. Then the owner can gently rub the dog’s body, clean the dirt dust. Especially the dog’s neck, limbs, toenails, buttocks, etc. should be cleaned one by one.

After the cleaning is cleaned, you can clean the dog’s body with water, and then use the hair of the dog’s care to make the hair more embarrassing. Then use the water to thoroughly clean the dog’s body, don’t let your body residual moratin and other substances, avoid the dog’s fur mix.

After being cleaned with Malis, you should use a towel to dry the wet body, then use a hairdryer to blow the hair thoroughly to prevent dogs from being sick because of cool. After the hair is completely blown, the dog’s bath is also roughly completed. Finally, in the proper trim of the Malisian hair, toenail.

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