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The sweat gland of the chicken is very unease, the high temperature season, the chicken will bring out excess heat in the body through the quick breath. The nasal cavity is the first defense line of the chicken respiratory system, with the effect of filtering air, warm air. When the chicken does not breathe, the nasal cavity will lose protective effect, no nasal cavity to warm and filter air, resulting in direct air to enter the trachea. Such a pathogenic microorganism directly enters the trachea and the probability of the lungs. In the face of these exogenous pathogenic microorganisms, self-protection, the chicken gas pipe will secrete mucus, wrap these foreign matter, and then gradually introduce these mucus to the throat through the filament of the respiratory mucosa. When the mucus gathered in the throat, the chicken will have a snoring sound, but in the summer high temperature, the breathing rate of the chicken is fast, the water evaporation in the mucus is fast, and the sputum viscosity is increased, which is not easy to discharge the body, so Snoring.

The use of water curtains will make the chicken in a low temperature and high humid environment, and the long-term wet cold environment will lead to chicken body moisture. This kind of wet cold causes the weakness, which affects the lung function of the chicken, is cough weakness. Specific performance is: chicken has a respiratory tract, but it is not serious, there is a sound; it feels like a cold, but the speed is fast, the whole chicken house is all. After the pathogenic chicken is tested, some chicken gas pipes have been severe, but from the whole group, the chickens are not obvious. The pulmonary edema is serious, and the whole internal dirty trachea is like water washing. It is very clean, there is no other symptom.

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