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Use 1% oil to replace 1% corn. In a high temperature environment, chickens have low energy demand, and the feeding capacity is reduced. Therefore, the feed energy structure should be adjusted. To increase the amount of chicken, add some fat in the feed, fat can improve the right to feed, the amount of chicken is greatly improved, and the utilization of nutrients can also be improved, such as adding 1% animal plant. Grease replaces 1% corn.

Reduces the level of protein. Because the chicken has nothing to do with the demand of the protein and amino acid, the protein demand of the general chicken will not change, however, when the climate environment rises to 30, the amount of chicken will fall, and the protein level should be improved. Excessive proteins or amino acids, their oxidation will generate heat. Such as diet is maintained in the right amino acid level, which can reduce the incidence of fatty liver and reduce mortality.

A calcium ratio is increased. High temperature inhibits calcium intake and vitamin transformation, so in high temperature environments, the calcium demand of producing eggs will rise. However, high calcium diet can reduce the right level, resulting in a decrease in the feeding volume of chicken, and should increase the premix with the expected evolution of the feeding capacity, maintain the daily gram of calcium reached 3.5 grams and effective phosphorus. Veterinary Medicine Franchise Network 1866.TV

Apply other additives. When the heat should be, each 500 kg of feed should be added to the vitamin C150 gram, and the chicken requires a large amount of vitamins to improve the disease when heat should be thermally. Add musk, honeysuckle, blue roots, atractylodes and dragons in the poultry feed, which can increase the egg yuba yield in high temperature season, and feed remuneration.

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