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First, artificial insemination

The promotion of this technology can greatly improve the utilization of seed sheep, reduce the amount of breeding of raw ram, saving feeding costs and purchasing costs for excellent breeding. Moreover, excellent breeding ram prices are expensive, and every current is 10,000 yuan. If you use this method of breeding, it is easy to lead to cross-infection and spread of certain diseases, so that the race is lost, and the base ewes lose the species. Use value.
Second, lamb supplement and early weaned milk

After the lamb is a few weeks, the ewe can not meet their nutritional needs, so early training of lambs and taste, feed. Usually start from 7-10 days, 50-70 grams from 15-30 days, 30-60 days reached 100 grams, 60-90 days reached 200 grams, to ensure that the lamb is full, rapid growth For early wealow and later fattening. Early weaned milk is carried out at 100 days, and do not exceed 4 months, which can shorten the lamb interval, increase the number of emetic fetus in the years.
Third, the relenting process is fed after the processing and modulation, the sheep

Traditional raw sheep is often free of processing modulation, and most of the corn straw is fed with whole straw straw, so after feeding Low digestive utilization, not only caused great waste of forage resources, but the longes are long, long breeding cycle, and low ranking rate. Therefore, it should be widely promoted for the production of feed modulation and processing technology such as green silament, ammonia, fermentation, and improve the economic benefits of sheep.

Fifth, facilities, cultured

The past farmers raised sheep with pile tuning, open-air feeding, flocks often appear in summer, autumn fertilizer, winter thin, spring lack. Therefore, if you want to increase the benefits of raising sheep, you should promote facilities, build a sheepstook or warm shed. In this way, there is a comfortable living environment in the summer or winter, and the flock has a comfortable living environment that promotes its rapid growth and weight. The reasonable construction and layout of the feeding facility can greatly reduce the occurrence of diseases. Putting money in Sheepstook is more economical than spending money, not to mention too much drug residue.
Fifth, disease comprehensive control technology

The disease is a major threat to the production of sheep, and it should focus on preventing vaccination work in infectious diseases, and adhering to the principle of prevention. Regularly remove the inside and outside of the sheep, pay attention to the sanitary disinfection of the circle house, often observe the spirit, diet, feces, etc. in daily management.Often, doing no disease premature defense, there is a disease early, early treatment.

Sixth, economic hybrid

With the use of fine breed ram and local ewes to carry out binary or three yuan hybrids, produce excellent hybrid lambs, fattening production of goods. Hybrid sheep is not only growing fast, but the feed is rewarded, but the meat is good, tender, high price, good economic benefits.

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