Hotspot | 10 paragraphs of friends in the circle, do you understand the heart of the chicken industry?

[size = 0.8] I. The bitterness of the feed person
[size = 0.8] The feed industry is really tired, open the car looks like noble,
[size = 0.8] In fact, life is extremely boring, in order to live hard. [63] [size = 0.8] The saddle is tired after the horse, nodded, and the left will be squatting,
[size = 0.8] Feed to send home to unload, the money is not enough to sleep.
[size = 0.8] The customer is in place, but the big thing does not dare.
[size = 0.8] There is no position in the year, and the labor law is uniform. [Size = 0.8] The body and mind are exhausted, there is no tear, there is a difficult person,
[size = 0.8] The profit is not high, and the five poisons are not good. [63] [size = 0.8] Throwing a house, do not know the taste,
[size = 0.8] I dare not expect social status, relying on silly self-intoxication. [63] [size = 0.8] Second, Yangji rumor
[size = 0.8] Egg price is about to be crazy, it is ready to move.
[size = 0.8] The buddies played the spirit, and they would like to sleep.
[size = 0.8] I have even fell two yuan, I am got hurt.
[size = 0.8] Mounting the four yuan peak, my heart is not excited.
[size = 0.8] It is not too greedy, and it is necessary to fill the front cave.
[size = 0.8] This year’s egg price is my day, falling and fell.
[size = 0.8] Heat is difficult to eat hot tofu, and the buddies sell chickens. [Size = 0.8] Third, the Chicken Cench
[size = 0.8] a chicken asked master: “Master, I have a big pressure every day, eat too good, sleep, sleep, sleep, It can’t be house, others have time to travel, but I can’t go, the egg price is getting lower and lower, the profits are getting lower and lower, you said what should I do? “
[size = 0.8] Zen master right hand Chest, do not speak. [63] [size = 0.8] Pick-knocker mean: “You don’t want to complain, you have to know, you have to be worthy of your customers and boss, right?”
[size = 0.8] Zen mascher shakes his head and said: ” I meant: I am outThe family is also a chicken! Today, I said that these, the heart is a bit blocked, the blood pressure is a bit high! “
[size = 0.8] four, nursing knot
[size = 0.8] often someone asking me how much money can earn, about income is a privacy problem, it is not convenient to answer too much, I can only tell you Since the chicken, drinking yogurt began to lick, eat the potato chips, eat the bubble noodle soup, drinking star Buck keeps self-portrait, the most obvious thing is to eat Yida does not dare to chew together, go The supermarket does not dare to buy a shopping bag, go to the toilet paper several times, shampoo has not been swayed against the water …
[size = 0.8] 5, the chicken is not easy
[size = 0.8] Yesterday I A raw chicken friend took the 2017 production plan to ponder in the door of the chicken farm. One is holding a bowl back to a bad sack. We gave it a dollar, then continue to ponder. Just don’t walk, watch us continue Look at the production plan. After a while, I quietly said: “Firstly, you will pay a good job in the amount of annual list, then pay attention to the cultured epidemic prevention, and finally improve the feed egg ratio.”
[size = 0.8] I am shocked open my eyes He: “Do you understand this? “He said:” It’s because I walked chicken, so I came to today … “
[size = 0.8] Sixth, West Journey
[size = 0.8] Eight Rings:” Monkey, Master Delong Recently, there is some weird, every time I say that the egg price is going to rise, it will play a roll in the mud, then run a few steps to pull the horse.
[size = 0.8] Wukong: “Null, Xiaobai Long is not good, its two action expressions are: About China’s egg price is mostly the weather, who is forecast, who is a way … “
[size = 0.8] Seven, good industry
[size = 0.8] Rooster is a very good industry!
[size = 0.8] Although the work is late, it started early!
[size = 0.8] Although it is inconspicuous, it is great!
[size = 0.8] Although there is less money, it is much more!
[size = 0.8] Although the profits are small, the risk is big! [SIZE = 0.8] Although business is thin, the cost is thick!
[size = 0.8] You should find this:
[SiZe = 0.8] Earn the countless banknotes,
[size = 0.8] playing thousands of funds!
[size = 0.8] earnings money to sell cabbage,
[size = 0.8] Working with white powder! [63] [size = 0.8] Business is the high-end atmosphere,
[size = 0.8] profit is a slightly low-key place! [63] [size = 0.8] Tianma line business, you deserve it,
[size = 0.8] Friends of chicken: You are fortunate. [SIZE = 0.8] Eight, the central new rules
[size = 0.8] The latest regulations of the central center: In the future, the appointment cadres will be mainly selected from the farmers. The basis is:
[size = 0.8] raw nicknation, explain the mind;
[size = 0.8] Yangji nourish, explain the way of thinking;
[size = 0.8] raising chicken The fine, explains the economy;
[size = 0.8] Narcé is not afraid, courage is definite;
[size = 0.8] earned a nothing, showing the depths of the city;
[size = 0.8] loss Not surrendering, competition awareness;
[size = 0.8] Dinning does not hit the wall, must be a beam. [63] [size = 0.8] Nine, Zen language second
[size = 0.8] a retail, Zen teacher: “Now the market is so bad, the chicken is really unconventional, what should I exist?”
[ SIZE = 0.8] Zen master leads him before the plum blossom.
[size = 0.8] Chicken boss to understand: “You want me to endure, stick to persistence, egg price will rise, is the plum blossoms come?”
[size = 0.8] Zen Master Shook his head. Chicken boss questioning: “Is that master’s opinion?”
[size = 0.8] Zen master said: “Mei pre-dollar (no money), no hope!”
[size = 0.8] Yigui Zhao Zen teacher: ” I am smiling at me, laughing me, lights me, let me, evil me, say that the retail household is a great fluctuation of egg prices. “
[size = 0.8] Zen masters:” Inthea, by him, He resistant to him, respect him. “
[size = 0.8]” I understand, you have to look at it in a few years, Fengshui wheel flows? “[63] [size = 0.8] Zen master shakes his head: “No, I am saying that you can’t do it.”
[size = 0.8] 10, if I have 5 million
[size = 0.8] A person suddenly 500 Wan, the expression is very calm in the podium, the reporter came to the stage to interview: How do you prepare to spend these money? The big brother is very calm, and the money will be borrowed in these two years. The reporter asked: What is the rest? Big Brother didn’t answer immediately, but slowly from the pocket, I took out the box of red tower hostel, 45 degrees looks up at the sky, I said, the left, the rest, still slowly …
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