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For livestock and poultry, the body is originally a calm and harmonious world. In each calm breath, enjoy the joy of life, and the spit is oxygenated and exhausted, thereby completing the growth of the body. Inhaled oxygen enters the cellular mitochondria, about 95% provide energy for cells, from about 2% to 5% to free radicals, what is a free radical? Simply put, in our world, there is a special rule, this is, as long as there are more than two atomic portions, its peripheral electronics must be paired, if not match, they must Look for another electronics to make yourself into a stable substance. Scientists use this atom and molecules that have unsupleted electrons. Free radicals are very active, very restless. Like the unhappy single-Han Dynasty in our human society, if you can’t find an ideal companion, you may become an unstable factor in society. 3_Pord .jpg

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Every moment in the livestock and poultry has a war, an external operation, a battle is an internal operation. The overseas warfare refers to the barrier defending war against livestock and poultry against foreign enemies. These foreign enemies are mainly: environmental, feed drinking water, biopsy, virus, mold toxin disabilities, etc., invading mucosa and immune barriers, causing damage; various stress factors, damage to livestock and poultry, eventually hurt To cell, leading to livestock and poultry. At the same time, in order to deal with external enemies invaded into the cellular level, breathing eruption produced excessive free radicals, and excessive free radicals break the calm world in the livestock and poultry, and the body began civil war. These unstable free radicals can damage nucleic acid bases, resulting in genetic mutations; the chemical structure of peroxane free radical changes the chemical structure of the enzyme, resulting in loss of enzyme biological activity. Destructing the polysaccharide structure on the cell membrane, affecting the performance of cellular immune function, destroying cell membrane phospholipids. In the internal affair, it will seriously affect the health of livestock and poultry, resulting in low body immunity, even in the livestock and poultry, making the farmer suffer losses. The traditional veterinary drug is mainly to assist livestock and poultry body to win foreign war, working on the organ level of the livestock and poultry body, the method is the treatment of disease delays. With the scientific advancement and the state’s standardized management of veterinary drugs, veterinary symptomatic diseaseThe effect of cure is getting more and more ideal. With the advancement of the times and the health industry, we are more and more realized that clear free radicals and improve the importance of immunity of the body. Help the body to win civil war, in order to enrich the city against foreign enemies. Free radical damage (various stress, transfer group, expansion, weather, ring control, and epidemic can cause rising in vivo free radicals. The most obvious performance of the appearance of the chicken is: whether the feces change, whether the respiratory tract is aggravated, whether the eye is deformed Whether the tail is normal, the spirit is normal, etc.) is control, it is found that in the radical reaction, the free radical reactant or free radical reaction inhibitor can slow down or inhibited. This type of free radical cleavage agent for confront or impeding the radicals of the cells is collectively referred to as a free radical damage to the defensive substance or antioxidant. Such as: Antioxidant enzyme: Have superoxide dismutase (SOD). The main components of Eucommia leaf extract include chlorogenic acid, Eucommia brass and Eucommia poly sugar, and the studies at home and abroad have shown that chlorogenic acid is an effective phenol. Antioxidant, its antioxidant capacity is stronger than caffeumic acid, phenylenic acid, ferulic acid and lilac acid, and common antioxidants. The chlorogenic acid has a neighborium phenol hydroxyl structure which can increase the electronic cloud density on the hydroxyl group, and can also generate molecular hydrogen bonds, thereby lowering the key energy of the OH, so that the polyhydrogenation of the phenolic hydrogen is prioruous, thereby Strong antioxidant capacity. This is the principle of chlorogenic acid removal of free radicals, and the natural ingredients of natural ingredients can remove free radicals to prevent livestock and poultry body to resist cell aging; protect the liver kidney; protect the intestinal cells. At the same time, the flavonoids and chlorogenic acids can be applied to enhance the role of its broad-spectrum antibacterial antiviral, thereby reducing the immunity of livestock and poultry body, reducing sub-health and injury caused by free radicals. Eucommia polysaccharide is a food consumption in animal intestines, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, thereby promoting animal intestinal health. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. ( Animal intestinal health

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