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Sheep only health is the most concerned thing to breed friends, then, what kind of sheep is a healthy sheep? Ruminant sheep generally compete for about half an hour, then rest in nearly an hour, a day and night is 6 ~ 8 times, and the patients suffering from the sick sheep, it is feeding, the amount is also very small, and stands more. Fast ruminance, even stop. Manure is healthy sheep, feces are generally small spheres, and dry, supplement feed sheep, then feces are soft, no odor, bright, colorless or microstrip yellow, and patients with sheep feces Or eliminate or hard, even stop dashed, urine yellow, small amount or blood, such as feces has special odor, then the sheep suffer from gastrointestinal disease; the stool is hard to be slightly shorter; Then the intestine function is hyperthyroidism; the dark brown of the feces is the forefront bleeding, etc. The colorful sheep are mixed, shiny, elastic, sick sheep, is francous, such as sheep from the patient, and the affected part is falling off, and the skin is so thick. The eyes of health, the eyes are bright, the eyes are flexible, clean and humid, sick, cry, no god, dullness. If you tears in sorrow, it is caused by vitamin A deficiency or sheep house ammonia concentration. The oral mucosa of the tongue is light red, no stench, the tongue is pink and shiny, the rotation is flexible, the tongue is normal, the sick sheep, the oral mucosa is pale, the glow or the flush, there is a smell, the tongue is not flexible, Soft weakness, thin tongue is thin, or thick and rough. Respiratory healthy sheep breathe 12 to 20 times per minute, increase the number of breathing, respiratory disease, heart weakening and anemia, high abdominal pressure rise; the decrease in breathing is mainly seen in poisoning, metabolic disorders, coma. The above is a few performances of Xiaobian’s healthy sheep, I hope that everyone can help, if you have any questions, you can consult Xiaobian.

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