How can I not dissect a chicken?

Nowadays, a lot of nursing friends, chickens are not dead. Even if it is dead, some will not anatomy. So, let’s talk about how to don’t understand the chicken disease today

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First, the age stage:

from 1 day age to 10 days Usually, there is also an easy to see the sterilic bacteria, there is a Pseudompturium, a Faishi, a pickled or mycoplasma.

20 days old to 40 days old and easy to get roller’s sac, coccidi disease, if the new city disease is in 3 days, 15 days does not do second free 20 days old New city evolution.

The incidence of branch is more than 40-70 days.

The pathogenesis of the throat is more than 80-30 days.

Ma Dek, leukemia, mesothelial neurothelial disease appeared from 60 days to 120 days of age of peak, avian influenza H5N1, H9N2 density is more common after opening production, (very little 60 days old After the chicken, but not excluded) Due to the eggs of cerebral spinal octave, the eggs of Eggs, Escherichia coli abdominal, is more common in the post-production density.

Arcisoprotic hepatitis is more than 100 – 140 age. The chicken pointed chicken acne in the past season is the earlier. It can be seen that the birth of chicken disease is also important in the age stage.

Second, from the sound to judge:

Chicken respiratory pathogenesis, different sounds represent signs of different conditions, strong cough, strange call, and head, It can be found in H9, throat, and pickhar disease. Snoat, sleep more than the new city disease and mycoplasm. The wind box sounds, the whistle can be seen in the infectious bronchial disease.

Third, the watchdrop table and the crown:

The body surface is lack of water, the chicken skin of E. coli is purple, due to coccidi disease, Leukemia, fatty liver and chicken hanged by a cage are white. The disease that makes the chicken atrophy is a mesh endothelium and injury.Cold disease, can make chickens to crown diseases are aphorphic disease, small colonoctopathy, and feed nutrition lack of disease. Torp neck of the ring is more common in the new city. The neurological symptoms caused by avian influenza shaking, tensive, and the neck is not turned. The neurological symptoms of the autologous pyracle tapeworm autologous poisoning is the top of the head. Then the changes in the color of the feces, the thin green yellow is more common in the new city disease, and the ram is more common in the colostrum, and the blood red feces is generally bleeding enteritis and coccidia, and the green grass is more common in E. coli. White pills are generally a Fahrenheit capsule, and the white oil is seen in Salmonella, and the black feces is generally caused by general small intestinal inflammation.

Fourth, mental state to judge

Avian flu, new city disease, French sacred diseases are virus disease. From the mental state of the chicken, it is not the same, and the flu perspioved is in the swelling, and the chicken head is generally not hidden in wings. The new city digested chicken head twisted neck love into the wings, Faishu is sleeping. Net endothelial hyperplasia loves the eye, Ma Lick hiped the pace of the paceled eye, the chlamydia, the throat tears Wang Wang. The support of the gold fisheye, the eye acne is easy to look.

Fifth, immunized drug for reasons

incorrect immunization can also cause disease, such as doing a throat vaccine, time is important because the throat vaccine works Fast, the seedling chicken is only detoxified, and the chicken with a chicken must be completed in the same day, otherwise it will cause respiratory pathogens. Understand the use of drugs, divide the drug action mechanism, the dose of drugs, and methods of use have certain effects.

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