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The following symptoms are related to mold toxins, but some symptoms may be caused by other reasons. If you have any questions, you can comprehensively judge other symptoms.


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Symptoms of a pig group

Emoticity or reserve sow, no symptoms of abortion, exterior redness, vaginal prolapse, pseud pregnancy Increased heavy weight during the lactation period, the birth and death, the pigmentation rate of piglets is low, the pig is 8-character feet, the sow is no milk, the breast edema, the boar is decline.

Second, fattening pigs and breeding pigs

loss of appetite, vomiting, rectal anal, liver and kidney damage, decreased feeding capacity, significant growth rate, diarrhea, respiratory edema, skin rash, The amount of drinking water increases, immunosuppression (i.e., the incidence of incidence, the effect of antibody is poor). These long-occurring time, variety, and frequent symptoms can tell us that mold toxin poisoning is far more than what we know.

Third, the method of preventing mold toxins


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1, the raw material holds, pay attention to the picking of raw materials, mildew feed even if it is inexpensive.

2, if possible, the moisture content of all feed should be dried to 12% or less.

3, keep the feed dry and cool as much as possible.

4, do not order feed, which will make feed not fresh, and provide opportunities for the growth of mold.

5, keep all storage areas to ventilate and more important in the high humidity environment.

6, regular cleaning silo, feed, and wet material feeding lines. It is recommended to clean up twice a year and the silo is naturally dried.

7, if there is a threat of mold toxins, add mold inhibitors in the feed to prevent mold formation.

8, using a mold toxin adsorbent should be used as a routine measures, not just when you suspect a mold toxin.


1. The effect of mold toxin on the production and morbidity of pigs is underestimated by pig producers and most veterinarians.

2, since mold toxins caused pigs immunosuppressive, their role of morbidity is gradually recognized by a pig expert.

3, although some administrative departments suggest that sampling is qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed to mold toxins, but the production of busy pig farms do not seem strongly, while the synergies and conceal of mold toxins. The problem may make the analysis meaningless, and the producer should put energy and financial resources in the prevention of mycotoxins.

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