How do you deal with the dog cat catching?

u=1481907013,2432364480&fm=26&gp=0.jpg At present, Chinese pets are getting diverse, but they still use dog cats to be the most intimate pets in humans. During the exchange of human and pets, there is no accident, such as bitten, was scratched, and many parents are in a state of hesitation, because the dog cat will spread a lot of diseases, and the most fear is the rabies. In China, the awareness of rabies is very deviated, and it is not possible to properly handle it, it is an important reason for rabies. This requires our veterinarian to properly spread science knowledge, pay a little responsibility for every life living on earth.

First, the correctly handled dog cat scratch bites.

POSTEXPOSURE Prophylaxis, PEP process is currently still recommended by WHO, and different damage is different.

Type I contact, that is, it is only the complete skin by the animal, which can be treated with a simple chemistry or physical means to remove rabies viruses. It is recommended to thoroughly rinse with soap and water, detergent, polyveridate disinfectant or other solutions that kill rabies viruses.

The contact between II and above (refers to skin damage caused by slight damage but without bleeding, penetrating skin bite or scratch, or the animal’s saliva direct contact with the mucosa), press PEP Treatment. After cleaning the wound for more than 15 minutes, the rabies vaccine was inoculated with the same method. When it is determined to be a level II contact and the immune function is low, or the II is exposed to the head surface and the injuries cannot determine the health, the wound should be treated immediately, and the tract of rabies should be injected (ie rabies immunoglobulin).

It is determined that the III exposure should immediately handle the wound and injection of rabies passive immunogenic preparations, followed by rabies vaccine.

The sooner the rabies vaccine, the better the effect. However, even if the vaccine is injected more than 24 hours, as long as the vaccine has no problem, the vaccine can play an utility, and those who have not been vaccinated by the exposure for several months, as long as they can get a vaccine, it should be Just gave it as soon as possible as soon as possible, giving the vaccine before giving it.

Second, correctlyRabies.

rabies is caused by human and animals caused by rabies viruses. This virus has strong neuromic affinity. After the virus enters the human body, it will gradually invade the nerve center from the nerves around the bitten portion. There will be symptoms such as lipus, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing. When the disease progresses into the final stage, the virus may go along the nerve to all organs, such as eyes, tongue, salivary gland, respiratory muscle, heart, etc., patients may ultimately die due to breathing paralysis and cycle failure. The whole course progressed urgently, from the incidence to death, 2 days to a week.

Animals that cause rabies virus spreads actually include dogs, cats, bats, and a variety of phageas. In the above-mentioned animals, dogs are the main animals that cause infections.

Domestic and foreign materials have shown that the incubation period of rabies is usually 1-3 months, and the incubation period of a severe bitten in a few heads may be short to 7 days, and very few cases (less than 1% of the total). It may also be greater than one year, up to 6 years.

WHO proposed:

When the dog’s rabies vaccination coverage exceeds 70%, it can effectively control rabies. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent rabies is to actively increase the immunoacurity ratio of dogs. As of 2006, Chinese dogs were only 75 million. According to a national rabies high-risk area, my country’s dog vaccine injection rate is far less than 70%, and the number of “healthy dogs” may be lower than people’s expectations. Therefore, my country’s dogs carrying rabies viruses is relatively high than foreign countries. If the biting animal is a pet dog or cat that can catch, it should observe the animal for 10 days. If the injured dog or cat remains healthy after the exposure, it can terminate the prevention treatment measures after the exposure. . But the natural history of other mammal rabies other than dogs or cats is not very clear, so the 10-day observation period is not necessarily applicable. A more secure method is still: vaccination after exposure after animal bite.

When we truly understand the problem of dealing with dog cat bite, scratching problems and rabies knowledge, we found that truly do it to make rabies vaccine immunimositorial to dog cats, only this can really control Rabies happen to China, correctly use rabies vaccines, correctly facing intimacy relationship between human and pets, really created better for love petsenvironment of.

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