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Lamb Feed

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Early fattening

The early growth and development of lambs, the increase in carcass components is greater than non-carcass parts, fat deposition, and the ability of rumen utilization Strong, so the fattening lamb can get the highest slaughter rate and get the maximum feed remuneration.

1.5 months old weaned lamb, can use any cereal feed to fattening fattening, but high energy feed effects such as corn is best. Lamb is free to eat, free drinking water, and feed feed is best adopted with self-made automatic feed. Add salt tanks in the sports field, add salt tiles in the slot, let the lamb freely eat. The lamb is broken, and the half-month old age is submitted or let the lamb will break with the else of the ewec. The tank and water dispenser are provided in the event area, and the remaining period is still the same. The feed of the feed before weaning should be the same as the fattening material after weaning, and the fattening period is generally 50-60 days, which cannot be sealed and broken.

After weaning

After the lamb is broken, fattening is the main way of lamb production, because the lambs after weaning, in addition to small partial selection to the reserve group, most of them should be sold. Generally, it is moderately fattened for a small weight or physical condition, and the strength is fattened to fat. The prevocation period is approximately 15 days, which can be divided into three phases: 1-3 days in the first stage, only hay, let the lamb adapt to the new environment; the second phase of 7-10 days, from the 3rd day Two-stage diet replace the dry grass day grain, the crude ratio 36:64, the 7th day is transferred to the 10th day; the third stage is 10-14 days, the crude ratio 50:50, the prevailing period on day 15 After the end, transfer to the formal fattening period.

Lamb Feed Formulation:

Lamb in 15 kg: 53% of corn, 14% wheat bran, 4% soybean meal, 4% of Chicchuan 4% lamb special premix;
15 ~ 25 kg lamb: 56% of corn, 12% wheat bran, 27% soybean meal, 1% small soda; 4% lamb special premix;

In addition, if the lamb is easy to abdomenDivision, in addition to supplementing nutrients, you can add Chilikawa Jianweizu diet to help lambs increase digestion, absorb capacity, and on the one hand, reduce lamb, diarrhea, and also promote the faster development of the lamb and fattening. Chilechuan focuses on cattle and sheep nutrition and feed development, what is the problem, lamb farmers can consult Chicchuan 400-669-8210, or add Chicchuan WeChat (micro signal: clcfeed) for consultation.

Finally, in addition to the supplement of lamb feed materials, you must do a good deworming, pick up selenium, to avoid waste of feed, and improve lamb fattening effects and prevent lamb.
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