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Friends of pigs know that the weight will fall after the production of sows. Therefore, many pig people have enlarged sows to restore their weight, and this thought it would allow sows to take more nutrient components, the ultimate effect is just the opposite.

It is also a white flower to the head, and it is delayed. Next, the author gave everyone detailed explanation, why did the pigs have ended in the production of sows, and pigs can’t rash in an increase in feeding.

First, the sow problem

Everyone knows that the abdominal cavity changes before and after the production of sows. Before the sow is in production, the stomach is in the state of being extruded, while the abdominal cavity will become empty. The sow gastric changes from squeezing to looseness will seriously affect the digestive ability of sows.

Of course, there are also small part of the sow’s recovery ability, but most of the mother pigs cannot digest food normally at this moment.

So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Shot of the sow is gradually increased by the amount of feeding.

Pig man also needs to pay attention to it, when preparing for the sow, it cannot increase nutrients. Because pig people add more nutrients to the sow, the sow may not be able to absorb all, but it is those who are easy to digest, which can bring a lot of benefits to the sow.

If the pig man increases the amount of sows and nutritional supplements, it is very likely that the sow is indigestible, and even the toxins accumulate in the intestines in the sow, eventually causing a lot. Can’t expect.

Second, piglets

It is not to say that piglets have just gave birth to their appetite, and piglets were also increased as they grow once.

So, after the production of sow, the pigs don’t need to worry about the milk is not enough piglets, but should be worried about whether the pig is not eaten (of course, there is a symptom of lack of lack of milk Except for sows).

If the sow is large, the piglets have no ability to eat, this time needs manual processing. Pig people have to find ways to discharge the excess milk of the sow.

If pigs do not perform manual treatment, the sows will cause breast inflammation for a long time. If the sow can suffer from breast inflammation.

1 can result in a decrease in maternal milk milk;

2 will induce symptoms such as diarrhea in piglets.

So, when the sow is large, when the piglets can’t finish, the pigs can’t increase the amount of sows, otherwise the sow is more intake, lactation The amount will be larger.

combined with the above two cases, for the feeding method after the production of sow, the author has two suggestions:

1, The pig man is best based on the number of pigs produced by the sow, the sow is milled, and the piglets eat milk, these three factors decided to feed the sow, it is still to feed,

2, pig people should decide from these two aspects according to the digestive conditions of the sow and the appetite of the sow.

Actually, the sow is very distinguished, and pig people can carefully observe the bowel movement of sows. If there is a feed residue in the sow, it is said that at this time The sow can not be fully digested, so, in this time period, it is best not to raise the amount of sows in this time.

For the pig industry, it will not be good to invest in high efficiency, and pig people should combine the actual situation, step-by-step health feeding pigs, and the effect is best.

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