How does cat and dog cool in summer?

QQ截图20201209151915.jpg Summer often saw the dog grew up! Decades the dripping, especially when I saw a furry dog, many people would feel that the owner was cruel, why did you get a lot of water? Don’t shave the dog? In fact, this is a long-cooling method of the dog. The dog’s sweat gland is distributed in the tongue, with a big mouth, spit out his tongue, haha, so that you can secrete a lot of saliva. sweat. By flowing out a large amount of saliva, the squeextil is evaporated to reduce the body temperature. In addition, the dog’s foot pad is also one of the heat dissipation sources! If your dog is a long hair, you can choose to prune or shave the hair, especially the hair pad, trim, and thin. More favorable dog’s heat dissipation: cooling.

The dog is mainly to heat up through the big mouth, then how do our cats cool? Summer watching cats, thick fur, is really squeezed with them. There is sweat gland in the skin. The cat’s sweat gland is not developed, and it is not actively involved in the body temperature as the human sweat gland. Therefore, no matter how hot is hot, there is absolutely not to see the cat’s sweating. The heat dissipation of the cat is through the radiation heat dissipation or by breathing heat like a dog, but the efficiency of this heat dissipation is poor than sweating. Its best heat dissipation “tool” is the meat pad on its paws. Usually, the cat is feeling cold, but when the cat is hot, when it feels hot, it will extend the foot, open the foot, which is the heat dissipation method of the cat.

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