How does cat claws care?

u=868838340,1944896280&fm=26&gp=0.jpg The cat’s feet were recognized by cat slaves as one of the most fascinating people, and the flesh stink is absolutely reasonable.

Before making a flesh beauty, be sure to keep in mind that the cats and dogs are very different. The difference between the cat and the dog is that the dog is always pleases you, and the cat is just the opposite, you always have to pay hard, so when you care for the cat, you can’t be too tight, you are can’t be cat.

Different cats will see people’s face, you must be confident, and you have to keep calm, if they feel that you are nervous, they will be more stunned, they will be more unhone, scratch you, bite You have an attempt to escape, all the tricks they are used. Because of the physiology, the cat doesn’t like to be in the paw. If the flesh of the cat’s foot is touched, it will immediately go back. If you have repeatedly entangled, it will reveal a “very annoying” expression. The person’s sensitive part will be touched later, it will belt in whole body, is the same. However, although it is very sensitive, it will make the cat feel comfortable and relax.

So before the meat beauty is started, the owner should feel gently touch it and make it voluntarily open. When trim, please put the cat claw on the light that can be illuminated directly, gently squeezing the meat pad and let the refer to the inside. Under light irradiation, you can see the nail micro-pink blood vessels, do not cut to the blood vessel portion. When trim, the scissors remain vertical and the claws can prevent nail break. After shearing the nails, it can be properly trimming the foot bottom, because the cat’s foot hair is used to protect the meat pad, so it is not possible to shaze like a dog, it should be left, it is appropriate to the meat pad, then put it Cat’s flesh wipes clean and talked.

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