How does Teddy dog ​​training most effective?

QQ截图20201130094219.jpg The most ideal period of training is starting from the bear dog puppies 70 days after birth. In addition, on weekday training begins with the date of the puppies to the family, step by step slowly. At this stage, the puppies have not yet dyed any bad habits, and the power is relatively weak, which is more effort to the breeders. 1. When the signal is started, in particular, when the content begins to teach, it is gentle to use the tone. Secondary with appropriate action guidelines, the password should be clear and short, so it is convenient for Teddy Bear. When the dog is bored, use the Trouble to correct it in time. If the pulling rope is invalid, then use a tough tone, because it has been used in the case of encouraging tone.
2. Praise If the Teddy Bear dog completes the action requirements in accordance with the owner’s directive, you need to use a happy tone to praise it, indicate that “your performance won the owner. Happy “. However, you can’t use the praise to prize the dog. This will make the dog feel deceived, and there will be no longer to the owner.

    3. The name called Teddy Bear dog takes a fixed name for the dog. For example, the name of the dog is called “Beibei”, and the different family, neighbors are in different occasions, and there are also called “baby”, “Beckham”, which will cause confusion to the dog. The tone when the dog name is called to avoid thickness, and it is forbidden to come with the name of the dog. Otherwise, the dog will ignore it when the name is called next time. The name is only limited to the numbering command and the praise, form a good impression to the dog. Next time a name is called your name, you will immediately go to you.

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