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The expenditure of feed costs accounts for 70% of the total cost of the chicken, and in actual work, due to non-scientific management, it is often caused by feed. So what measures take can reduce the waste of feed?
1, select the appropriate tank. The unreasonable trough structure and placement height will cause a lot of waste to feed, which can be as high as about 12%. If the tank is too small, too shallow, no orientation is too low, and the chicken is easy to fill the extraflow; too large, too deep or placed too high, will affect the feeding and growth of chicken. Therefore, according to the size of the chicken, choose the appropriate size of the orientation slot, and the height of the height is from about 2 cm long and the upper chicken is about 2 cm.
2, choose a full price feed. Feed cooperation must be based on feeding standards, otherwise the nutritional content is too high, and it will affect the full performance of chicken production performance. Therefore, the feed nutrients are full, balanced, and the types of feed raw materials are diversified as much as possible. At the same time, the amount is applied, and the amount of the addition is preferably 1/3 of the non-supernatral groove depth.
3, the temperature in the house is suitable. The chickens temperature is too low, and the chicken requires higher energy to prevent cold, but the feeding capacity increases the utilization of the feed. Therefore, pay attention to heat preservation and cold in winter, the temperature in the chicken is not less than 10 ° C to reduce the energy consumption of chicken body and reduce the waste of feed.
4, the time is broken. The break can not only prevent the occurrence of the chicken group, but also effectively reduce the waste of 5% to 7%. Generally, the break is from 6 to 9 days and 12 weeks.
5, when the patient was eliminated. Under normal circumstances, the disease, weak, residual and inexposure, stopped the chicken account for 5% to 8% of the total number of hens, more than 11%, most of these chickens do not produce or egg yield, should be found in time And eliminate. Veterinary drug agent

6, meaning anti-rodent. Sparrow, the mouse is not just stealing feed, and is easy to spread, so pay attention to the neutral soda.
7, the feeding equipment is checked. When the machine is supplied, the feed should be checked, and when the feed blockage and equipment are damaged, it should be repaired and dredged in time to reduce unnecessary feed waste.

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