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How does the chicken farm guarantee air quality?
(1) Do a good job in ventilation
Ventilation can supplement fresh air replacement turbid air to reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the hut, and is also the most direct way to improve air quality by dilution.
The ventilation used by most chicken farms is vertical ventilation or horizontal ventilation, but because these two ventilation methods need a large amount of gas flow, autumn and winter use can easily lead to a decline in the temperature in the chickenhouse, thereby causing an epidemic cold The disease.
There is currently a better ventilation method to mix the ventilation ventilation technology, and the air can be completed in the case of lower air flow rates.

Chickenhouse ventilated air ventilation to grasp the time, in the morning and the afternoon, when the temperature is high, the harmful gas is discharged.
When the temperature is low in the morning and evening, the ventilation is gradually reduced, and the cockhouse of the breeding density is a short-term ventilation.
(2) Humidification and dust
Spray humidity can not only moisture air, not only caused the respiratory mucosa, protecting the intact of the respiratory mucosa of the chicken group, can also set up floating dust particles in the air, reduce Chicken group inhaled pathogen.
According to the specific case of the chicken house, it is best to carry out the water dusting once a day, giving the chicken house, allowing the relative humidity of the producer to 40%.
(3) Do a good job in feed optimization
By adding feed additives such as acidifying agents, enzyme preparations, microecological preparations in the feed to improve the digestive utilization of the feed in the feed, thereby reducing the content of ammonia in chicken manure, also It can be used to reduce the content of nitrogen in the amount of the nitrogen in the air in the feed to reduce the content of the nitrogen in the air in the amount of the nitrogen in the air.
(4) Belt chicken disinfection
The chicken petrosquis can reduce the number of pathogens, reducing the chicken group inhalation with pathogen. 2-3 chicken disinfection per week can reduce the number of pathogens in the air of the huthouse.
The study shows that the more irritating disinfectants, the greater the hazard of chicken, so when choosing a chicken console, choose the double-stranded quaternary ammonium salt, polyveridone iodine, vinegar as possible These types of mild disinfectants, especially in cooling weather, avoiding sterilizing drugs with hydrogen peroxide, peroxoacetic acid.
(5) Strengthening feces treatment
Most of the harmful gases in the air are derived from feces. If it is possible to clean the feces in time, reducing the residence time of the feces in the chickenhouse can also effectively reduce the content of harmful gases in the chicken.
At present, there is a manual cleak manure in the chicken farm. It is recommended to make a better time in the evening.
“Strengthening ventilation, guaranteeing air quality” is considered to be the most effective and economical prevention and control method for prevention and control respiratory diseases in chicken farms.
I hope that the chicken friend can pay attention to the improvement of air quality, reducing the incidence of the respiratory path in autumn and winter, and raise a better chicken group. So how can the chicken farm guarantee air quality? Please see the following. . . . . Attention: “New Pastoral Chicken Prevention” WeChat public account. Can add WeChat, Gaoya, will you communicate directly with you! Tel: 17768276005 WeChat

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