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The ship’s transportation stress and pre-fattening of the shelf is a lot of farmers. Then how the shelf cattle will breed, how to use feed fattening, in this stage of yak, we should use yak long shelf special feed – 5 % Barn composite premix contains a variety of trace elements and vitamins and various minerals, which promote the rapid growth of yak skeletons, supplementing the nutrients required for the shelf cow, and laid a solid foundation for the promotion of the meat. Chic Lichuan 5% beef cattle special composite premix feed shelf cattle pre-mixed yak feed manufacturer Product Description: 5% Barbew in the premix feed is the beef cattle developed by Chilikawa feed. It can supplement nutrition, long meat, strong bones, and fit. 1. This product is suitable for special premix for the shelf cow long bone after weaning. 2, supplement nutrition, long meat fast, strong bones, and fit. 3, this product has added drug feed additive promoting growth agents, which can significantly improve the growth rate of shelf cattle, and can prevent the crucible of odortroms. 4, the beef cattle body is stronger, the body surface is neat and smooth, the leather is bright; Chilechuan Tips: Yak Pneumonitis occurs in 1 – May age of Yak. It is mainly manifested as spiritual depth, loss of appetite or abolition, heating to 40 ° C, is being coarsrable, difficult to breathe, cough, and start dry cough, then become wet cough. The chest percussion is a turbidity. Treatment: The principle of sick cattle treatment is mainly to strengthen care, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, cough and phlegm and symptomatic treatment. It mainly uses antibiotics or sulfonamides. Chicchuan Technology Advantage: 1. Careful Formula: Chicchuan products are made of domestic master formulations, formulations, trace elements, and chloride, enzyme preparations, amino acids, etc. Raw materials; 2, high-quality materials: all products are from the famous domestic and foreign famous brand big factories, including Andy, land, Saisha, Sumitami, new and Cheng, Peaki, etc., raw material nutrition, stable performance; Chilechuan Headquarters Tel: 400-669-8210, Product Sales Manager Tel: 17777836390 After-sales QQ: 453458436 for your 24-hour service, your satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit!

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