How is the characteristics of German Shepherd?

timg (2).jpg Many owners will be proud of their own germy German Shepherd dogs, in a serious German shepherd dog calmly calm, and the shape is elegant and revealed that this is no more majesty and momentum. Dempu dog has a very high IQ, they are flexible, and the sense of smell is very developed and is good at tracking. It is more than just one of the most satisfying pet dogs in people, but also widely used in the two worlds between the military, contributing to the public security and harmony.

From the theory of many animalologists, German Shepherd’s character refers to the sum of the vitality, extreme endurance and personal nervous differences itself. Of course, character is a kind of instinct of Demu, which is affected by genetic factors, and the next day. In response to the natural personality of the German animal husband, this is the training culture that will not be completely changed. However, parents can change their own physical fitness through the training of the next day, improve its own physical fitness, and shape a satisfactory personality.

The character of Dempu dog is still more smooth, it is absolutely obedient and loyal to the owner. It has a very keen sense, and it is very difficult. Through the training of the scientific system, Demu Dogs are also widely used in the military police. For example, anti-drug, guard, investigation, search and rescue, tracking, etc.

There is a feature of bold, direct, friendliness, self-confidence in the personality of German Shepherd. If you know the Dudu dog, you will find that Demu’s surface looks indifferent to make it not easy to be close or build friendship, but in fact, the Demin Dog is still very flat, their character is not stubborn, and it is happy to accept the arrangement Although the personality is vigilant but is also passionate. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about some of the problems in life and family.

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