How is the pig?

How long is the pig, what makes the piggy far and meat, and the friend who does not want to be home, if you don’t want your own pig health, long fast, then how to ensure that the pig is long? Almost every pig farm is raising fertilizer pigs, facing the fierce market, unstable pig prices, each pig man dreams to fat quickly, thereby reducing the feeding cost, raising income. Today, Xiaobi gives you a good way to sum up some quick out of the rapid rapid ex!, Come and see it! 1. Improve the weight of piglets according to experimentation, the larger the weight when the pig is born, and during the future growth process, there is less sick, growing fast, and weaning is significant. Under the same feeding management, the piggy piggy pig is early. 2, piglets to the lack of iron, iron, iron, is a trace element necessary for the normal growth and development of pigs. The piglets need a 7mg iron every day, and breast milk can only provide 1 mg of iron every day, so it does not meet the growth needs of piglets, piglets often Because of iron deficiency anemia, the growth rate is affected, so the iron is suitable for a timely time. 3, fattening pigs must be reasonable in a circle of fattening pigs in a circle of cultivates that are too large, according to rational groups such as pig weight, variety, eating speed, etc., control the breeding density, and remain stable after the group, to avoid bites Fighting, providing a good living environment for pig pigs. 4, provide adequate and clean water supply, water supply directly affects pig growth, although many pig people know that water is importance in pig pigs, but many farmers will still ignore many farmers during practical breeding Water management. Summer needs to be provided with 5 times the feed of feed, and there is 3 times the winter, and the drinking water equipment is used automated water. 5, when feeding, adding a bovily promoting long agent like Ermei is a good kind of plenty of promotion, a pack of three thousand pounds, using very cost-effective, its effect in pig practice, long At the same time, there is also a disease-resistant effect, raising pig feeding added, early stage: greedy, greedy, feces; medium: skin red, bright, resistance to disease; later: back, hip full, weight gain Full process: health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, he was rated as consumers by Henan TV. The pig eaten “Feier” is fast, the early column, the real good, promote the lengthening products, the good effect can be seen, help us make more money is the hard truth. The above is what is the long-term related content of pigs, and more about the welcome to call the website, we will be happy to serve you, communicate with pig technology.Experience, complement each other, do our farming career, help us to raise pigs to make big money!

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