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How long does it take? This problem often has a sheep, and today, I will forward a “How long can she go out? How long is the best? “Original article gave everyone. (Note this article is transferred from the sheep home WeChat: yangyang123club, the author Jin)
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How to get farmers The biggest economic benefits are the focus of the author, and reasonable outbound time is one of the key conditions for farmers to get the maximum breeding benefits. As a prefame of the sheep, the usual recognized indicator is a 50kg weight. However, from the perspective of production and operation, determine when the column is made, the weight is just one aspect, and the other aspect is the market market and other factors that directly about fattening benefits. Determine the right out, not just a livestock technical problem, but also a management problem, the role of the latter is often much larger than the former. 1. There are two aspects based on weight as a compained standard.
First, the sheep body has increased to a certain extent, such as 50kg, the daily gain will drop; the two, the more sheep weight, the maintenance needs, and the feed utilization will decrease.
In the production of sheep production, there is a big difference in the weight of different varieties. Such as small-tailed sheep, dusher, Boer goats and their mixed sheep 50kg; big foot black goats, etc. Good southern goats have 30kg or more.
2, as a market market as a time-out standard.
It is mainly to consider the changes in the market market, the price of feed raw materials at the time, the cost of buying sheep, and the growth of sheep during the time.
Especially when the fixed market contract is lacking, it should pay attention to the market market. Be sure to calculate the general ledger, there must be a market, the awareness of the season, to a certain time, good sales, high price, should go out in time; the market is not good, but also according to the actual situation, calculate the economic account, , When selling, do not have to stick to fixedWeight limit.
3, reasonably arrange the sheep production.
The price of mutton is generally higher before the Spring Festival. The farmers can purchase sheep for more than 8 to October, and sell only 50-60 days for sale.
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