How long does the cat take a shower?

u=3279713926,1102520398&fm=26&gp=0.jpg It is known that most of the cats are afraid of water animals, so it is very difficult to wash the cat, but there is still a lot of cat friends to take a shower for the cat for the clean neat.

In fact, this is harmful to the cat, let’s learn together. There are some very precious protection oils on the hair, as well as some trace elements.

The cat cleansers through the sun, licking it. Generally, the color is bright, clean cats are healthy, and it is possible to be unhealthy.

The cat’s body will secrete oil, this layer of protective film prevents the gray soil from being stained.

So, the cats often take a bath are more easily dirty. There is a protective film, and the cat can shake the dust from himself in exercise.

The cat doesn’t have to take a bath, unless it is too dirty, the dog should be washed less, and it will be washed a few times a year.

The cat is taking a shower and cleaves cat skin fat, causing problems such as skin resistance, drying, dandruff.

Relative to the bath to maintain a clean bristle to Mimi more. Shorthair cat If you don’t have any problems at home, he will give yourself a very clean.

It is recommended to take a shower for a month to two months to two months. Wash it three months to five months in winter. If there is a local special dirty, like a paw is always on the ground, you can use a wet towel or Wipe wipes clean and remember to blow.

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