How many colors in the Schnauzer dog?

u=1958237740,1093372632&fm=26&gp=0.jpg In the daily life, the snow, which we often saw, is mainly silver, and some people may think that Schnauzer has only a single color. In fact, Schnauzer has several colors. Of course, each color has its own characteristics and styles.

We are common with salt, black silver, pure black. Among them, the most typical pretzine hair is mainly made from black and white striped hair (referring to color change from the root to the pillar of the plumber to deep to deep to deep) and black and white non-shaped hair, the striped hair dominates .

Note that the portion of the entire pretzer must be black.

Black is the only one-recognized solid color Schnauzer.

Black Silver Schnauzer is the same as the color of salty, the whole salt of the pepper must be black, the black top floor of the black silver dog is very heavy black. In addition, black is the only state of recognized solid color, the most ideal state is that the outer hair is thick and whispering, the bottom layer can be slightly sparse, and the black color of the matte is very natural. If there is no uniformity that appears in any part, the linked white lines, white plans are considered white spots, which is considered to be agreed and cannot be recognized.

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