How many dog ​​noses do you know?

In addition to the function of completing breathing, the nose is the most sensitive part of the dog perceived organ, and the dog’s sense of olfactory is 100,000 times. Most mammals’s olfactory organs are called ingredients, located on the upper part of the nasal cavity, and there are many wrinkles on the surface. Animal inhaled air reached the sniffing film, stimulated olfactory cells, and the olfactory neuron along the mucosa in the mucosa was transmitted to the olfactory nerve center. u=3078166163,3288848106&fm=26&gp=0.jpg

The area of ​​the dog sniffing film is about four times that of humans, and about more than 200 million olfactory cells in their sniffing membranes are 30 ~~ 40 times the human beings. Human observation environment is mainly on the eyes, while the dog is on the nose. Dogs are mainly based on olfactory information, identify the gender, estrus status of the same type, distinguish the road, orientation, prey and food.

When you know and identify things, you first manifest the behavior, such as giving dog food, the dog always smells several times before deciding whether it is eaten. In the case of a stranger, the dog should always sniff the smell.

The dog spiritually smell is mainly manifested in two aspects:

First, the degree of sensitivity of the odor. The second is to distinguish the ability of the odor.

    Some people have trials, and the dog can still sniff the dog. This sensitive sense of smell is also an important reason for making dogs into human life and work partners in many animals.

  • Dog peasive smell is fully utilized by human beings. The anti-drug dog can find a wrapped tight marijuana, Gu Kezhen and other drugs from many mail pacing and luggage.

  • The police dogs can be monitored and tracked based on the sources of the items, blood, sweats, and footprints left by the suspect on site. The people passing the clothes shoes, 2 to 3 months, the police dog can also smell the owner of the clothes.

The searched dog can accurately search the explosives hidden in the objects such as buildings, ships, and aircraft. The rescue dog can help people look for the victims in the snow, sand and collapse buildings.

However, when the dog enters the sleep state, its olfactory organ will follow the sleep state until I wake up.

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