How much about dog vaccination and deworming?

u=2751049136,2824824492&fm=26&gp=0.jpg After the puppies are born, they should be injected. This do you know, but when is it injection? What kind of injection? What kind of seedling is used?

Because the new puppies can pass Placenta, breast milk obtains a certain amount of immune antibody, which protects the puppies to invade certain infectious sources for a certain period of time. Due to the antigenicity of the mother’s antibody to interfere with the antigenicity of the vaccine virus, the active immunization of the pigs will be disturbed. The mother-inducerous antibody is mainly obtained by sputum, and the maternal antibody protects the time of the puppies in the puppies according to the amount of raw milk, and there is also a difference in the protection time of different viruses. The parent antibody concentration has been lower than the concentration required for immunization.

The mother-of-life antibody that is immunized to “dogwood” and “dog fine” has dropped to a relatively low level, which is not enough to resist these two viruses. . However, there are still other maternal antibodies to play a role, so it is still not possible to inject 6 seedlings to avoid immunization failure. At this time, it can be injected in the Netherlands of the Netherlands in the Dutch, which is specifically targeted. In the case of the case, it can quickly play a role in one or two weeks, and the “canine disease” and “dog are small” will play a certain immunity.

After three to four weeks, hexa seedlings can be injected from three to four weeks, and the six + rabies can be injected. Emergency immunity after two weeks. The immunoassay is completed. Each year, six + rabies will be added each year. (The above is an example of ETV)

Some friends may not be able to obtain the second seedlings, such as the traditional immunization procedures can be used in the epidemic area, that is, the first immunity at 70 to eight weeks old, injection six Lians, two weeks or three weeks (domestic vaccine generally intervals two weeks, the import vaccination is three weeks after three weeks), the second needle is six to three weeks after injection of the Six + rabies. If in the epidemic area, it should be injected with high serum at four to five weeks old, and the interval is injected once and then injected according to the traditional immunization procedure.

    1, the vaccine should be used in the same brand, and the brand cannot be replaced during the immune process, otherwise it is easy to cause immunity failure.

  • 2, the vaccine should pay attention to the storage conditions, and the inactivated seedlings should be stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, prevent freezing, high temperature and sunlight.Incident; the disabled seedlings should be saved below -15 degrees Celsius to maintain its effectiveness.
  • 3, confirming healthy dogs can inject immunity after 10-15 days after injection of vaccines. During this time, puppies can’t take a shower. Before the immune program is completed, you should try to reduce the door, not only contact with other dogs.

  • 4, for the school-age puppies, due to the physical reasons, the vaccine should not be injected, should be injected with high serum. After the body is restored, the vaccine can be injected.
  • Insect:

The puppies should be enriched at 20 days. Most of the puppies have intestinal parasites, which are infected by the female duties or latex. Generally, the intestinal parasites are: 蛔蛔, hooks, aphids, etc. Sick dog appetite, loss, slimming; constipation or diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal circumference increase. Severe infection can lead to serious complications. The parasite infection of the dog is generally invisible, so even if the insects are found in the feces, they should also be dewormed on time. The puppies are insects for the first time in the age of 20, one time until half of the year, half a year begins every quarter, every half year after adulthood. Insecticorming recommendations using dog cats deductible drugs, more secure.



2, “Left-rotaryzole”, very cheap and practical drugs, all available, 10mg / kg, oral administration.

3, insecticidal (thiomene) 10 ~ 12mg / kg, oral.

4, avermectin, 0.2 mg / kg, subcutaneous injection (should be paid carefully when the puppies are used, strictly control usage).

Pharmaceuticals of the aphis: 1, pirazanone, 5 ~ 10 mg / kg, oral.

2, extincertiline (chloride), 70 mg / kg, oral, 10 hours before taking medicine. Repeat the drug once after 2 ~ 3 weeks. In addition, there is a broad-spectrum insecticide “Ivi” deworming effect.Ok, but the side effects are also relatively large, limited to the strict use of the user. (Keley dog ​​is disabled)

  • Regarding the extinguishing of parasites such as coccidial, heartworms, need to be carried out under the guidance of doctors.

  • In vitro parasites are mainly,, etc., to drive out in vitro parasites can be used in French imported drugs, “Fu Ping”, both spray and drops, the effect is very good, safe, side effects, young Canine can also be used. In addition, there is a domestic “虫 宁” drip, the effect is also very good, the material is very cheap. As for the proposal, do not use, because the toxicity is too large, there have been dogs, cats due to the use of the 项 项 导 导 导!
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