How much about searching for search and rescue dogs?

The search and rescue dog is a dog who is loved and praised, because they often save human life or property. Many people may also hope that they can have a strict training dog. Today we will introduce the application and training methods of search and rescue dogs. timg (5).jpg

First, the range

The search and rescue dog has a wide range of work, including searching and rescue missing people in natural disasters, such as earthquake ruins, buildings Collapse, avalanche, mountains and water and other scenes. According to the rescue environment, it can be divided into mountain rescue and water rescue and land rescue. Search and rescue dogs also take on some of the search and rescue work of some criminal scenes.

1. Looking for campers, hunters, tourists, etc. who are missing in the mountains;

  • 2 Looking for Psychiatric patient;
  • 3. Looking for missing children;
  • 4. Looking for and rescue falling water;
  • 5. Looking for a suspicion of people who can be buried;
  • 6. Looking for a kind of avalanche scene;
  • 7. Some of the collapsed buildings that may be buried;
  • 8. Identify items; (for example, I found a piece of clothes in a crime I suspect that the dog is throwing down, let the dog first, then let the dog point out which suspect and the same taste have the same taste)
  • 9. Identify the suspects used in vehicles, items;
  • 10. Identify the traces of humans in the fire site.

The basic training subjects of search and rescue include: tracking, that is, according to the disappelling odor tracking; regional search, ie in one The dog is looking for humans in a particular area, and people may be buried in the underground or rubble; the corpse is traces, including the traces of human beings, including blood, bones, human tissue, etc .; water search, underwater search and positioning corpse Original discovery location; avalanche search, find people under the snow in the snow; natural disaster search, survivors in various natural disasters.

Training also includes helicopterVarious vehicles such as machines make dogs to adapt to various vehicles.

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