How much is the dog’s broken end stay?

timg (3).jpg Some dogs will continue to affect the overall body, such as Schnauzer and VIP. So, do you know how much is the dog’s dog is resting? Take a look at this article you know.
Affenpinscher (Saber) is broken or continuously tail, the end length is 1 ~ 2 inch Brussels Griffon (Brussel Griffin ) At about 1/3, the tail

Cavalier King Charles SPANIEL (Charles Wang Bengh) can be broken. If the end is broken, the length of the disconnection must not exceed one-third of the total length.

MiniaTure Pinscher (Mini Products) In the appropriate position (2-3 knots) Poodle on the total length of 1/2, the tail is rearward position.

Australian Terrier (Australian Terrier) The length of the tail is less than 1/2 of the total length of the tail.

FOX Terrier (Wire) (Ganghuu Slim) is divided into 3/4 of the total

Irish Terrier (Ireland) At the 3/4 of the total

Jack Russell Terrier (Jack Russell Terrier), making the tail with the head at the same horizontal line Lakeland Terrier (lakeside infarction) The turtle with the dog is tail and the back of the brain

Sealyham Terrier (Si Lui) is broken, and the tail is vertical.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (soft hair wheat stalk), cheerful, but never roll up on the back. Welsh Terrier (Wales) is broken, the length of the reservation is about the high height of the back.

Boxer cut off in place (stay 2-3)

Doberman Pinscher (ESK) tail in about The second tail bone cut is cut off.

Giant Schnauzer (Giant Schnauzer) is broken at the second quadrupline (up to do not exceed the third quasi). Rottweiler retains a section to two tail bones near the body.

STANDARD SCHNAUZER (Standard Schnauzer) closed, the length of the retained should be between 1 to 2 inches.

Australian Shepherd (Australian Shepherd) is broken or natural short tail, and the tail length should not exceed 4 inches. Bouvier des Flandres retains 2 to 3 tail vertebra.

Old english sheepdog cut off near the body.

Welsh Corgi (PEMBROKE) (Wales Corgi) is broken, as short as possible, no zigzag. The tail length is up to 2 inches. Brittany (Shang Tanno) from the tail to about 4 inch long tails, natural or broken. Cocker Spaniel 1/3 of the end of the end.

English Cocker Spaniel (British card dog) is 1/3 of the end.

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