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Buy cattle to buy sheep, preferred Zhenghong animal husbandry, we can have a lot of money for you, because the quality of the cattle and sheep and sheep, the quality of the red animal husbandry is guaranteed, the price is cheap (but no matter what others give you the price high or low “to do our There are a lot of people in this trip, ‘But that is all fake, understand people, I know,
If we buy it, I will pay you twice the cattle and sheep, in Zhenghong Husbandry to buy bull buy sheep to buy and sell, we have guaranteed, we have a technically harmful team to escort you on the road of breeding, and have a lot of “managers”, there are many “managers”,
What is the disease of cattle and sheep, preventing feed formula, how to injection, this is unless, this you can check it, you know that is true and false, some people should go to you! Do you have a business with these people! Everyone will remember that the choice is greater than the effort

There are more information on the online cattle and sheep, and the illegal family and individual plagiarize our content. You can come to our company on the ground, it is better to see, the fact is better than Maxi. With the increasing consolidation of Shandong Zhenghong animal husbandry in Shandong Ji Ning’s animal husbandry and animal husbandry and animal husbandry, there have also occurred many websites from interface style,
website domain name, company narrative, name, etc., “Shandong Zhenghong animal husbandry “Imitation and plagiarism, intention to cause consumer confusion, here, especially remind consumers: buy a good variety to go to the formal animal husbandry promotion base, so customers’ breeding benefits are guaranteed!

Enriched Projects] The market is the most stable and developed in my country’s livestock farming industry. But choosing the chart of cattle and sheep into the problem of farmers, because there is too much in Shandong farming cattle and sheep, everyone wants to find a regular farm, but no one knows which of the farms, what documents Of course, it is a regular farm, but the character is the most important.
I think people are really, the manufacturers who have made are the true regular, in order to really let farmers can rest assured.
[How to choose] 咱 is doing business with people, not to find a regular farm, have a farm with documents, the documents can fake, the character is not, the key is to see what kind of person you look for Shandong farm released a lot of cows and sheep information online, what kind of birds have a big bird, and there are many water to touch the fish. I hope that we will intend to engage in farmers and friends to pay attention to
, all the farmers are farmers, Our farmers make moneyEasy, don’t be deceived, come to our farm, first visiting, optimistic about my old people, buy seedlings, so as not to have worries! !

On the phone, the price on the Internet is cheap, the person contacting people, it is a waste of time, the phone bill, because you can’t see the real cattle and sheep quality, cattle and sheep is a living thing One one, there is no two kinds of sheep, it is unlike goods, the machine has models, how much is the model,
明码 规, cattle and sheep must see the real thing, personally pick Buy, whether it is the product, machine or cattle and sheep is quality.
One point price, the price is cheap, the price is cheap, the quality is good, you have to know the buy and store for the money, no one will pay attention to the business of money. , Cattle and sheep have market prices like other items, there will be too much difference across the country, please don’t be easy to be cheap, so as not to be,
I will not speak the flower words, brag, fake, no one, what is the meaning of this. As we all know, farming industry pigs, chickens are the most unstable market, cattle and sheep farming is not affected by the season, can be raised in four seasons a year. Nowadays, the home of the regular factory is now regular quarantine and epidemic prevention.

This base is long-term supply: Ruscy Bull, Limuzi Niu, Simmental Cattle, Charlota Cow, Improved Buffalo, Boer Goat, Shuangwei Sheep, Dubo Sheep, Buffalo / Meat Sheep / Cow / seed sheep. Meat, and other cattle and sheep. Sales and all over the country

We have solemnly promised to customers: the casualties in the transportation, the casualty loss is brought to the customer to check the customer to check the customer’s free check service, regularly inject the vaccine, the government is unified, the price is more favorable The customer is free to choose

to give breeding technical materials, CD and livestock species, regularly return to the company, and the company has a vehicle, the quantity is free to your home. Sincerely detailed service, you will make you more understand, more assured, more satisfied! High quality cattle and sheep, satisfactory service and payment

Shandong Zhenghong Pastoral Dong Shu Zheng Zheng promised;

(1) The small-tail and sheep, which are led by the government department, etc. The cattle and sheep can be paid after the local county-level livestock sector substantive acceptance of the standard. The government is unified to buy, the price is moreOffer.
(2) During the transportation process, the loss caused by the broken cattle and sheep, the company is all borne, and the car refunds.

(3) The external score cattle, breeding sheep, beef cattle, and meat, according to the national regulations, “Shandong plant livestock certificate”, guarantee the transportation vehicle all the way. The national free after-sales tracking service is regularly injected. Ensure the supply of cattle and sheep that supply diseaseless, provide the birthday and month of each purebred cattle and sheep,
computer-class profile. Strictly prevent near-pro migration easy to degenerate.
(4) Pre-sale, sale, after-sales, one-stop service, ensure purity, based on the lowest price, identify cattle and sheep recycling contracts, and pay attention.
(5) Free teaching technology and 2-3 personnel training technicians. In order to ensure the success of breeding, the technicians go to the door to guide the vaccine regularly. Give <> Disc data, pasture seeds, and wanted branches.
(6) During the selection process, do not strong buy strong sale, do not sell according to group, let customers choose freely, quality the quality, strict quality, and ensure the quality is pure.
(7) The customer is free for size accommodation. Buy cattle woolen shipping free shipping home, free to check the customer (one of the larvae).
(8) Customers come to the front phone, our company has a special car to the station for free, and can reimburse the fare with the ticket.
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